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Before 1992, telephone numbers would consist of a 2 or 3-digit area code, and a 5 or 6-digit subscriber number. Example: (067) 85 000 and (04) 66 00 00. In that year, a closed telephone numbering plan was adopted Northern Ireland. Isle of Man. Jersey.We have the contact details for DVLA DRIVER AND VEHICLE LICENSING AGENCY.All logos are copyright of the respective organisation. Telephone Number: 0843 509 2251.DVLA Contact Phone Number The Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency: 0843 504 0608 T With an interactive map and real tips from travelers to explore Isle of Man.Find country codes / prefixes: Dialing phone code directory for international calls. Search by country or number. e.g. 34, 0042, 0044, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, USA. Mobile Phone Numbers. Prefixes for UK mobile phones and pagers. Standard mobile phone and pager numbers in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man are eleven digits long and begin with 07. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Gillian or kevin on the phone number / email below: The Devonian Broadway, Douglas Isle of Man, IM2 4EN.

Telephone: 01624 674676 Email Area codes list for Isle of Man. Reverse phone lookup, search by area code or region. Local time and map of Isle of Man.Isle of Man Area Codes. Number structure. 44. 1624. xxxxxxxxxx.

Isle of Man. Combine this with regular tax renewal, speeding offences and changes in circumstance and its easy to see why the DVLA is inundated with thousands of enquiries a day and thats just the telephone calls. DVLA phone numbers. Isle Of Man Emergency Numbers. For an emergency in Isle Of Man, dial the following numbers: Medical - 999 Fire - 999 Police - 999. Local Telephone Prefix Isle of Man Belgravia House 34/44 Circular Road Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 1QW.DVLA Telephone Numbers. Sky TV Sky Broadband Customer Service, Call Engineer Or Cancel Sky Phone Numbers (and more) Douglas, Isle of Man phone number: 44 - 1624 - Local Number.Isle of Man Country Information. Exit Code: 00 ISO Codes: IM/IMN Total Population: 75,049 Continent: Europe. Isle of Man telephone codes. Cities phone codes sorted by alphabet.Area code. Phone number length. Type of connection. Isle of Man. 1624500. Phone. Cookies on the Isle of Man Bank website.All Personal and Business accounts (Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm, Saturday 8am - 1pm, Sunday closed). Telephone: 01624 637000 From abroad: 44 1624 637000. Landline telephone numbers are made up of ten digits, with the first three digits being the city code, followed by a seven digit number, for exampleIsle of Man. DVLA Phone Number You can phone the DVLA on 0871 976 3359 for all general queries, alternatively you can contact DVLA using the phone numbers displayed below for the correct department. DVLA vehicle tax enquiries Telephone: 0300 790 6802. DVLA Driving Licence Enquiries Phone Number CALL FORWARDING SERVICE. 0843 116 0011. Calls cost 7p per minute plus your telephone companys network access charge. DVLA Vehicle Enquiries Phone Number CALL FORWARDING SERVICE. Get a Virtual Number In.Isle of Man telephone code 44-1624 is dialed after the IDD.Isle of Man country codes are followed by these area codes. With the complete Isle of Man dialing code, you can make your international call. DVLA Phone Number | 0844 496 0601. Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone companys access charge.The DVLA now has a fully automated 24 hour telephone service available every day. Main Page > International > Isle of Man. Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Isle of Man. References: Wikipedia: Isle of Man. Postal code of Isle of Man. Name: Isle of Man. Dial the DVLA telephone number listed by us on this website to contact DVLA about driving licences, vehicle tax, medical enquiries, complaints and vehicle registration This is a direct dial number, and there is no middle man involved in the whole conversation. Isle of Man Phone Directories. Country code: 44.Residential telephone book for the Isle of Man. Includes residential search, and mobile numbers search. » Isle of Man. This page provided to all phone operators in Isle of Man. To find the right number for a telephone operator, select a desired and there you will find all the numbers on the operator. Call DVLA Phone Number 0844 241 5511 to Discuss the FollowingDriving License Queries.Direct Phone: 0844 241 5511. The DVLA operates a fully automated 24 hour telephone service. International phone code of Isle of Man: 441624. Capital: Douglas. Region: Europe. Languages: English,Manx.More information about full phone number in our service Determine the operator and region on phone number. Are you looking for a reliable bank in in Isle of Man with qualified staff, good customer service, a wide range of financial services, and the best range of credit options? Our database contains up-to-date information and the addresses for a large number of banking organizations.

DVLA stands for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and is an organisation within the UK government that isCall the DVLA on their vehicle registration and tax telephone number 0300 790 6802 to contact a government representative with any enquiries about how to tax a vehicle. Information about vehicle registration and licensing on the Isle of Man including application forms.N.B: Vehicles purchased from the UK which have been previously registered with the DVLA do not require Customs clearance. Facts and statistics about the Telephone system of Isle of Man. Updated as of 2018.TAT - Trans-Atlantic Telephone any of a number of high-capacity submarine coaxial telephone cables linking Europe with North America. Search any phone number from Isle of Man to find its owner. Add owner information to help others.Area. 572 km2. Telephones. 0. Mobile Phones. 0. Information on telephone codes. Isle of Man has telephone code 44. You must enter the number 00 44 before dialing the local number to call Isle of Man. Find the right phone number, email or postal address to contact DVLA about driving licences, vehicle tax, medical enquiries and vehicle registration. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the organisation that maintains the database of drivers and vehicles in the UK. There are several different departments at the DVLA contact centre and some of these do have their own telephone number. From 8 June 2015, UK driving licence holders hiring within the UK Isle of Man will need to use Share Driving Licence, the new online service from the DVLA, for validation of their driving record. Country code:44, Country name:Isle of Man, Continent:Europe, Iso Country code:IM/IMN, All City Area Codes, Phone/Telephone International country code more info44 - Country Code for the Isle of Man. Local area code. Local phone number. Portsmouth (Used exclusively for the Isle of Wight).Our car registrations 24 hour Buy form takes priority over our Enquire form or a Telephone enquiry. New Reg sell DVLA registrations (Unissued Government Stock), private registrations owned by clients and our own stock number plates on a first Phone number in Douglas, Isle of Man: 44 - 1624 - Local Number.44-1624 phone numbers Location: Douglas, Isle of Man, Castletown, Douglas, Kirk Andreas, Kirk Michael, Laxey, Marown, Peel, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Ramsey, St Johns, Sulby. Find telephone numbers in Isle of Man here - the best resource for national phone directories available in Isle of Man.Business directory and information of the tourist facilities offered on the Isle of Man including accommodation providers. If you need to make a complaint about an employee at the DVLA you can report your complaint on 0844 453 0118. On this number it will allow you to speak to a member of the customer service team and they will file your complaint. DVLA Contact Telephone Numbers. Contact telephone number has no connection to Isle of Man Airport.We provide a call forwarding service connecting you to Isle of Man Airport customer services or main contact number. The DVLA, commonly known as the "Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency", is responsible for theIf you require any more information on the services provided by the DVLA then give them a call on this useful DVLA telephone number: 0843 850 0674, to be connected directly to an adviser. The Isle of Mans 1 Classifieds site - manx.net Classifieds, with thousands of ads for carsSearch for an Isle of Man businessFind a residential number Isle of Man Capital city: Douglas, Isle of Man. ISO country code: imn. List of countries, areas and telephone country codes.International phone number Isle of Man: 44. The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is an organisation of the UK government. Its duties include maintaining a database of drivers and vehicles in the UK, issuing driving licenses, collecting road tax and selling private number plates. The correct way to write telephone numbers beginning 01624 is in the format 01624 xxxxxx. More information on the 01624 area code. Places and dialling codes near to Isle of Man general customer service telephone lines for driver licensing and Transferring a number plate Historic vehicle.DVLA Contact Number: Driver and Vehicleand uses the vehicle identification number.Information about vehicle registration and licensing on the Isle of Man including on 44 1624. The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK.If you need to contact the DVLA phone number, call 0843 538 5209 now to speak to their helpline team. Telephone numbers in Europe are managed by the national telecommunications authorities of each country. The country calling codes start primarily with 3 and 4, however, some countries that by the Copenhagen criteria are considered part of Europe have country codes from the Asia range DVLA Contact Number. Отметки «Нравится»: 159. Find accurate and up-to-date phone numbers to use to contact the DVLA as well as useful information about Local Phone Numbers. To find out your nearest store/branch telephone number.Isle of Man Airport phone Number for Customer Services, Reservations, bookings, Flight information, Airport information and all other general enquiries. At our site you will find reviews of all the phone numbers. And you will know who called you and find out what people think of you or a previous owner of your phone number.Information about mobile numbers. Total comments on the site: 99907. The number is used to do an automatic check with the DVLA driver database, to retrieve the required information.However, if youre from Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands you will be unable to use this service.