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Experience the sequel towards the highly popular portable MMORPG, Order and Chaos 2 Redemption Online, now even greater and better. Select 5 different backrounds (Human, Elf, Mendel, Orc, as well as Kratan) and 5 unique classes (Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Our blood Knight, and Monk). The Monk uses its fist as weapons and focuses more on skills and buffs. They can only wear cloth armor and Tailoring seems to be their best trait.One Response to Order Chaos Online Best Class. Order Chaos Divine Monk PVP stone island server - Продолжительность: 2:16 OBZEN ITW 6 565 просмотров.Order and Chaos Online - Assassin combo - Spec - Tips - Pvp build - Продолжительность: 4:04 Captain Lorr 11 005 просмотров. Order and Chaos Online cannot be played without a compatible mobile device, which include the iPhone 3GS, iPHone4, iPod touch 3G and 4G and iPad 1 2. A Gameloft LIVE! account and a Wi-Fi connection are required to play the game. Forums > Order Chaos 2: Redemption > Skills Inscriptions >.PVE Healing Monk Build. Discussion in Skills Inscriptions started by Lenopy, Sep 30, 2015. I also have a military monk and enjoy cathartic online violence. But unbidden, another side of Order and Chaos has emerged—the Divine Monk.Tags: Divine, Divine Monk, Gameloft, Healer, Heals, Healz, Mili, Mili Monk, Monk, OC, Order and Chaos. As with all classes in Order Chaos Online, Monks can specialize in one of two talent trees: Divine and Martial. Monks use Tailoring to craft their tier equipment and can only wear Cloth gear. Due to having a dps spec available, they are able to use a wide variety of weapons: Staffs, Polearms Order Chaos Online - Thoughts On Future Updates. Order and Chaos Legends: Episode 3 - Herp Derping RKL.KuwaJet: HES A HYBRID. KuwaJet: Inquistos finishing move is not divine so i think he is a mili monk. Order and Chaos Online is a MMORPG that calls the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms home.While the monk is the only class with healing abilities in the game and plays similar to a Paladin.

Solo Epic Farming Agl as Mili Monk Order Chaos Online. ClasikOtter. Order and Chaos online - Legendary Weapon! - Completing Quest line. TheSpeedfreak. Daga Chaos knight. Dota 2 patch 7.07 new meta epic gameplay. Items built: -Manta Style -Mordigan -Daga -Botas de viaje fase 2 -DedaloAssassin PVP Part 1 Order And Chaos OnlineHizashi oac.Lets Play Order and chaos Online Arena with risjcbr 1Red Flam. The cavalier often pursues such seless goals as the eradication of evil and chaos from the world, andThe tattooed monk must be aware of the attack and not at-footed in order to use this ability.

Construction A spark guardian is built from wood, leather, and copper. The materials cost 2,000 gp. Crethiyum One Energy Ball Speed Kill LordS-k - Divine Monk .sental.Order Chaos Online: SPL Second Boss (Crethiyum). Dungeon: Sailen: The Palace (SPL) Boss: Crethiyum (2/3) Tank: Shadaz Heal: T.N.T. DPS: DK-Warrior, ZiN Monk Talent build Chaos Divine is a progressive metal band from Perth, Western Australia. The band consists of vocalist David Anderton, guitarists Simon Mitchell and Ryan Felton, bassist Michael Kruit and Drummer Ben Mazzarol. Since 2005, the band has released an EP, three studio albums and two singles. Order Chaos Online is a fully-featured, 3D fantasy MMORPG from Gameloft for iOS and Android mobile devices. The game offers MMORPG features such as quests, crafting, and a persistent, open world with four races, four classes two talent trees for each class. Order Chaos Online Mythbusters: Divine Monk Or Warrior Dps?Cloudstone: Hybrid Wizard Monk Skill Build | UrGameTips. Read more. The Monk is a Spiritual. Monk - Example builds - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Game Guide But I know what you want -- the Legendary Ores. Bring this Sacrifice Matrix and my Divine Essence to those who brought you here.Good News Comes in Twos (Monk) [70]. [PROOF] Need unlimited Gold and Runes for Order and Chaos Online? Come and download our Order and Chaos Mod now!There are a total of 4 Classes in this game that you can pick right from the beginning namely Mage, Monk, Ranger and Warrior. "DIVINE!" SMITE Geb Arena Build and Gameplay (HD 1080p) - Season 3Raynday Gaming.Mighty Party - DIVINE ARENA (Online Game Steam)ErduanShadowHD.Order and Chaos | Arena 2s Divine Monk ( 73 lvl ) and Archer ( 70 lvl )Bisky X. SILVERHAND Military Monk Trial - Order and Chaos online.Order and Chaos PVP: 1v1s - Martial vs Divine Monk. Healers are not as op as they seem. Some healers take a long to time kill Order and Chaos Online : The King Of Abyss of Limitless Gears. 2015-05-10.video. Order Chaos Online Flame: Madness in Arcadian Forest Prerequisite Quests Part 4. The King: Could you Make video on how u set up build tree skills for your monk.Order Chaos Online - The MMORPG for Android, iPhone iPad: Teaser Trailer. Order Chaos Online Legends: Episode 1 - Monk Team VS. Sacharist. lvl 60 Divine Monk with full rune gear. not master crafter.Order and Chaos Account for Sale. WTT/WTS EPIC DPS MONK- order chaos online iOS. Hey guys Im looking to either sell or trade this account. У нас можно посмотреть Order and Chaos - Milli Monk PvP - 2 vs 2 и бесплатно скачать в хорошем качестве. Order and Chaos IOS AF server (arcadian forest) America Royalty Free Music Order Chaos Online - Server: Stone Island Europe.Class Overview: Devout practitioners of the arts of Holy Magic, in their ranks Monks are considered to be saintly and pious faith healers as well as the most disciplined martial masters. 02:54 Order and chaos: heal/ice mage/mili -- gear/build04:46 Order and chaos online : try fcl boss banana monkey boss02:16 Order chaos divine monk pvp stone island server Now you can get unlimited coins and gems for free using our Order and Chaos Online Hack.

This need for you to be logged into your banned account email and hit connect on the Order And Chaos Online Hack. Order Chaos Online uses a 2 thumb control method.This is my personal choice for leveling to 60 the fastest. Monk - Your priest with fists type healer/buffer. You can specialize in Divine - healer/priest line (a lot harder for soloing through the levels) or Military - think with your fists.Depending on what type of class you choose you will want to focus on building up certain attributes Order and Chaos : 100th video ! Thank you - PvP with main characters !Order Chaos online: Faramir is back!!!! 2s witch JustoGaliste. Order Chaos Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG on mobile devices with a huge open world, point-and-click combat, over a thousand quests, and tonsChoose from five different races (Humans, Elves, Orcs, Undead, and Mendels) and four distinct classes (Warrior, Mage, Monk, and Ranger). Order and Chaos Online cheat mod and hints. Posted by table On 4 Comments. Order Chaos Online is not only a perfect game.Monks are a lot like Paladins who will spec damage or healing. Warriors are only as they are in Wow. Находите и читайте посты с тегом "order and chaos online" в Tumblr (1200 1600) you can still use PUGs here, but be unhesitating to kick weak players to build up a stronger team.Previous story The Definitive Guide to Pvp for Military Monks (Order and Chaos Online). Order Chaos Online Wiki. 1,500 Pages. Add new page.Pages in category "Divine Monk". This category contains only the following page. Monk: A monk is your best friend. Serving more like a palodin thoughMonk can eather be healers or mages. Talent branches for Monk: Divine: This is all healing others.Other Order Chaos Online Articles. Other Monk Builds (Asura, Steel Wall Monks,Crit Monks) wont be discussed here so I suggest youNote The Monk skill tree requires Lvl10 Divine Protection and Lvl10 Demon Bane to be accessed. You can contact me in game (pRO Chaos only) through the names I commonly play a healer in MMOs so Ive done some research and have come up with my own PVE Healing Monk Build to share with you As with all classes in Order Chaos Online, Monks can specialize in one of two talent trees: Divine and Martial. Yesterday we published Part 1 of our guide to Order Chaos Online for Windows Phone 8. Today we follow up with the second installment, which covers lots of fun subjects like guilds, auction houses, and crafting.Cloth: Mage and Monk gear. Order and Chaos Duels. Card Discussions.Deck Building.Denaria The Merciful (Monk Elf) All friendly minions recover 5 health and receive 4 attack this turn.lucusking: I Create a new browser game, hunter x online Apr 18, 2017 8:13:15 GMT. In Order and Chaos Online Gems do not stop at level 4. There are many higher level gems. This article only concerns begening gems.What is the best gem for divine monk (healer)? Stargazer and Divine Monk -> Classes that use Healing skills. Now lets see what the stats do: Stamina -> Increases your total HP and HP recovery.Order Chaos Online Database Credits for: nickjr Also known as "OAC Head", this database Order and Chaos Online - Assassin PVP 2s Post-Update with the new specs Platform: IOS Server:Arcadian Forest.4v4 playing as divine monk. 2016-01-11. Order Chaos | opening Fashion Packs 4 Puma/oac 1 year ago. The Monk Build (Build Strenght:) One of the hardest to kill build in the game. Wicked/ Divine Card properties: These build revolve around using legendary weapons and their special properties. All Builds are tested in Couldron Of Chaos on Hard difficulty. The races of this game are divided on to sides, Order and Chaos.Serving more like a paladin thoughMonk can either be healers or mages. Talent branches for Monk: Divine: This is all healing others. Order Chaos Online Android Evo3D Divine Monk Vs Shadow Prince 1vs1. Order And Chaos Online Gameloft Android gameplay. Guild brasil - Order and Chaos: Mini Tutorial e dicas da RK legend. Rather than gaining skill-ups everytime you create new item (assuming it was yellow or red in WoW), Order Chaos instead distributes "profession currency" everytime a player makes something.Divine Monk Talents.Chaos Berserker Chaos Soldier Chaos Champion Order and Chaos Healer Guide Chaos Witch Chaos Paladin Order and Chaos Monk BuildNormal Monk Order Chaos Online Accounts(iOS) on sale. 640 x 361 jpeg 40kB.Order Chaos Online Android Evo3D Divine Monk Vs Shadow Order and Chaos Online is a fantasy MMORPG video game developed by Gameloft for iOS and Android devices. The game was released for iOS on April 27, 2011.Tailoring. Specs. Divine and Military Monk. Order Chaos Online - Thoughts On Future Updates. Order and Chaos Legends: Episode 3 - Herp Derping RKL.KuwaJet: HES A HYBRID. KuwaJet: Inquistos finishing move is not divine so i think he is a mili monk. Order And Chaos Online : Try Fcl 3 Boss Banana Monkey Boss.And i know they are way better monks out there than me that can do this in under 10mins,Im more of a warrior guy. KEEP IN MIND THE SKILL TREE BELOW WAS A TEST BUILT AT THE TIME SkillTree http