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In fact, Im just going to put it out there—all the movies, including the latest, The Fate of the Furious, which was released this week, are pretty bad. This helps explain the paradox of The Fast and the Furious series, which has managed to inspire a cult-like following while being one of Hollywoods The eight-movie, 16-year history of the Fast and the Furious franchise is nothing less than the story of Hollywood filmmaking in the 21st century.In fact, John Singletons benign, goofy sequel (how goofy? But after seven films, the franchise is so surprisingly rich in backstory and character development that you can get lost in its geeky history and little-known facts.Before she became Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot was best known for playing crew member Gisele in the Fast Furious movies. Facts.Fast Furious 10. No videos have been added. Sure all the Fast and Furious movies have entertained audiences and car lovers for years now, but what are the behind the scenes facts and Hemi-powered, souped up Fast and the Furious trivia that you might not know? Take a look at the on-set secrets and little known facts about one of the most Fast and Furious Fact. Jon June 21, 2013 0. POSTED IN » Action Movies.Subscribe to daily interesting facts from TodayIFoundOut.com. 10 facts about fast furious 8 you should know before watching it - " Fast and Furious 8 Paul Walker Brother Cody Cast in New Role.Here are 7 interesting exciting movie facts about FAST FURIOUS 7 that youd like to know about. The movies, tentatively titled The Fast and The Furious, were to be shot simultaneously.In Furious 7, which is supposed to take place immediately after the third film (but was in fact shot nine years later), archival footage is used to tie the films together. The total worldwide box office for the seven movies is just under 4 billion, with around 75 percent of that coming from foreign markets. According to Forbes, Fast and Furious is Universal Studios biggest franchise ever. Before we go see Fast and Furious 7 again in theaters, weve decided to take a look back at the series and find out what we havent known all along.Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12). Elizabeth Banks and Josh Groban celebrate retailers gun ban. With a direct nod to the article, Racer X was one of the projects working titles, as were Redline and Race Wars. The title rights to this 1955 Roger Corman movie were secured so the project could legally be called The Fast and the Furious. It seems that The Fast and The Furious is never stopping when it comes to giving movie goers some thrill.

In fact, Universal Pictures stated that a total of 10 films are likely to be made and the Fast 8 is slated to be released in 2017. Get more Fast and Furious 6 news here. If youre an action movie fan, youre no doubt familiar with the Fast Furious franchise. This behemoth car-centric extravaganza has been burning rubber for years now, and the same crew is back with more. With the 7th film due out in April of next year, we thought it would be fun to have a look back at some of the more interesting Fast and Furious facts that you might not have known about. Stolen Titles. The original movie debuted in 1955 and was called The Fast and The Furious. Theres a stupefying beauty to the arc of the Fast and Furious movies.Fact: This franchise needs at least one of them acting like a badass. The reverse-Terminator concept is brilliant on paper -- what could turn our devoted, romantic hero into a MacGuffin-stealing villain? -- but with every tap-tap-tap of To celebrate Furious Seven success, weve got 9 facts you need to know about Fast and Furious.10 Interesting Facts About Mission Impossible Movies.

Which is the best movie in The Fast and the Furious movie series? China: What are some mind blowing facts about China? What are Hollywoods most mind-blowing movies? In celebration of the 15th anniversary of The Fast and the Furious, the first installment in the franchise, here are some facts about the first six adventures of Dom and his crew.Producers optioned the article for a movie adaptation that became The Fast and the Furious. Still, what really makes this movie is the fact that its an ensemble piece.And its a fun little cameo, but certainly not enough to save this from being the worst Fast and Furious movie ever. Overall Fastness and Furiosity rating: 53.75. Ahead of the new movie, IBTimes UK rounds up the best anecdotes from behind-the-scenes of the series. You should have seen how the theaters were packed full because everyone wanted to see Pauls last act. goofyone: Interesting facts about Fast Furious 7 : One of the newest movies at the cinemas today is the latest in the Fast Furious franchise, the seventh episode. New Movies in Theaters. Movies Coming Soon. Top Movie Trailers.Related Articles.

Fast and Furious Stars Fans Remember Paul Walker Four Years After His Death. Tyrese Gibson Threatens to Leave Fast and Furious Over Dwayne Johnson Feud. Are you impressed after reading facts about Fast and Furious?The sixth installment of The Fast and the Furious is explained on Facts about Fast and Furious 6. The movie is also known as Fast Six or Furious 6. It was released in 2013. Here at CarSwitch, we figured its as good a time as any to introduce you to some fascinating facts about the movie series that you have probably never heard of. Fasten your seatbelts for these fast and furious fun facts, folks! 4. "Fast Furious: Tokyo Drift" also had the least amount of swearing.5. The original film, "The Fast and the Furious," had the greatest use of nitrous oxide for short speed boosts. The use of NOS in the sequels has declined. The Facts and the Curious.Referring to the picture above of a 1970 Dodge Charger driven by Dominic Toretto in the first movie, an advertisement for "Fast Furious 6" asked the question, "Fast Furious and Herbie: Fully Loaded confirmed to take place in the same universe?" and answered Thats just one of the surprising Fast and Furious facts in the latest installment of You Think You Know Movies! The Fast and Furious franchise (which now spawns seven movies and has grossed well over 2 billion worldwide) is well known for its vehicular warfare. With the 7th film due out in April of next year, we thought it would be fun to have a look back at some of the more interesting Fast and Furious facts that you might not have known about. 1.Stolen Titles. The original movie debuted in 1955 and was called The Fast and The Furious. For this list, well be focusing on the American media franchise known as The Fast and the Furious, and will be listing a few bizarre, hilarious or flat-out ridiculous facts about the movies in the film series. TheWrap has gathered 15 fast facts about the original Fast film to celebrate its birthday.Take a look back at the megahit film series from its rubber-burning beginnings. The Fast and the Furious (2001): The movie that launched it all. At the beginning of "The Fast and the Furious" movie series, they were just one more street gang with crazy driving skills.We are used to the fact that every of the "The Fast and the Furious" installments had a different title. The fact that you clicked on this link, probably means that you are a fan of the Fast Furious movies franchise. If so, these are some facts that we found which might interest the nerd in you. We have all grown to love the heart-pounding action packed series of films know as the Fast and The Furious.With the unfortunate event with Paul Walker (one of the main characters), the movies have just become more popular and rightfully so. The movies are actually non-linear making it real confusing to watch if you marathon all of them in order of their release dates. 2009s Fast and the Furious was the series first direct sequel.History. 50 Extraordinary Facts About Game of Thrones. Along with the amazing facts about this series you can also check the Top 10 fastest cars in 2017.Michelle Rodriguez revealed in an interview during Fast and Furious 6 that she didt knew about the twisted end of Fast Five util she watch the movie in theater. P. S Judging by the posts of VIN Diesel on Facebook, it should remove the " fast and furious 8". Earlier, the actor was offered the post who directed the first part of the franchise and the "xxx" Rob expand. This is where we pause to give props to the fact that none of the Core Four (that would be Diesel and Walker, as well as JordanaAnd its because as cheesy as the movies may seem, they earn their success. The Fast and the Furious isnt trying to be anything more than a loud, brash, sometimes Heres a fun list of all the Fast and Furious movies to date, including some interesting details and rumors about upcoming releases.Fun fact: Has played Dungeons Dragons, a role-playing board game, intensively for 24 years. Times he played in FF movies: 5 times so far. Consider this then as a guide to a lot of important facts about the movies franchise that should give its fans a new-found appreciation of the many things, events, and what-could-have-beens that shaped the world of the Fast and Furious universe. So far 7 movies of this franchise have been released and have grossed millions all over the world. Following are some of the facts that you might like to know about the action pack movies of this franchise.Facts you didnt know about Fast Furious These facts are both fast AND furious.Tell us which movie is your favorite! Honestly, look at this amazing cast for Fast 8. Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, The Rock! With the 7th film due out in April of next year, we thought it would be fun to have a look back at some of the more interesting Fast and Furious facts that you might not have known about. 1.Stolen Titles. The original movie debuted in 1955 and was called The Fast and The Furious. The original Fast Furious film has just turned 15 in the UK. We rounded up ten facts to help you forget the fact you probably feel really old right now. Love or hate the Fast Furious movies, there is no disputing they helped create a generation of petrolheads and car modders who wanted to make In fact, The Fate Of The Furious was described as the first in a new trilogy of films from the franchise, while Universal Pictures has already announced that a spin-off film featuring two of the most beloved characters from the seriesBut, what do we know about the upcoming Fast And Furious movies? This is the most popular Hollywood film of this year.it is an action film and is seventh installment in The Fast and the Furious movies10 Facts To Know About Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. There are lots facts about itAlready on the Internet, you can see a lot of news that Fast and Furious 9 will be. For example, on the popular IMDb movie site there is already a record that the ninth part of the franchise will be in April 2019. We all know and love Fast and Furious. You dont have to pretend to be some haughty classy film buff and claim that its just yet another action movie series.Now, no. 8 in the series is arriving in theatres fast, and we have here 10 fast (but not that furious) facts for you. Heres an interesting fact about me before we move on to the subject at hand.6.) The movies have been speculated to resemble several older films. The Fast and the Furious was pitched as West Side Story with cars instead of singing. Here are some fun facts about all seven Fast Furious movies: Not impressedLicense: Neither Jordana Brewster or Michelle Rodriguez had driver licences when they landed their roles in The Fast and the Furious. If we talk about adrenalin we talk about Fast and Furious. When The Fast and the Furious was released in 2001, no one could anticipate the worldwide phenomenon it would eventually become, spawning grossing overTake a look back at the fun facts surrounding the making of the movie