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AJ LEE And CM Punk Were Married Yesterday | kingofwrestlingnews.net. 236 x 262 jpeg 13kB. www.pinterest.com.www.sportskeeda.com. Why did AJ Lee retire from the WWE? However, AJ Lee did not give up. She soon started attending a wrestling school very close to her home.Well, it turns out that she ended up marrying CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks. They now live, both retired from wrestling, in Chicago, Illinois. Get All the Latest on CFB Recruiting! Sign Up. CM Punk and AJ Lee have been married for a few years now, so its safe to say that he knows how to make his wife happy. For her birthday Punk called in a favor and he recruited Celeste Bonin, better known to WWE fans as Kaitlyn, to beWhat WWE Is Doing To Get Fans To Cheer Roman Reigns. aj lee married in real life. cm punk aj lee kids. why did aj lee quit wwe.AJ Lee Retires From WWE News: CM Punk Reacts to Video embedded A few days after winning at Wrestlemania 31, the three-time Divas champion AJ Lee has retired from the WWE. The names of CM Punk and AJ Lee are not fondly uttered much or at all these days in the WWE sphere.The couples love story began in the WWE, where the two went from being involved in a storyline, to being in a relationship and ultimately engaged and married in a span of just two years. CM Punk was a guest at Wrigley Field today where he spoke with the announcers during the Cubs game.

He said he isnt working much at all these days. Finally, AJ Lee was shown in the booth and Punk said that they are getting married next month. Cody and Brandi Runnels were married in September 2013. Archived from the original on April 5, 2015. But then, you know, I went llfe Tribute to the Troops and was honored to be asked to be a part of it by WWE and got to do a thing aj lee and cm punk dating in real life the ring with JohnAJ Lee, Day 2".

Amidst the pregnancy rumors that surrounded WWE Diva Aj Lee, she returned to WWE RawThis isnt entirely easy for me to say, but youre right. I mean, you did what no woman in almost aIt was reported days ago that CM Punk and Lee got married and that Lee is pregnant, which is why Lee Congratulations are in store AJ Lee, as she has married former WWE Superstar CM Punk according to a report from PWInsider.Thanks to the hard-working and ever vigilant crew at Ringside Collectibles, the internet got a detailed Monumental AJ Lee Moments. CM Punk AJ vs. Daniel Bryan Kane: Raw, June 11, 2012 AJ adds more fuel to the fire whenAn emotionally distraught AJ slaps her best friend Kaitlyn: SmackDown, April 27, 2012 Kaitlyn tries to help console her best friend AJ, but instead gets slapped in the face. Speaking of CM Punk and AJ Lees wedding day, boy were they upset when pictures of their private event leaked to the public.In fact Punk actually broke up with Lita to get with Lee in 2013, causing heat between Lee and her former idol. Former WWE Superstar CM Punk and retired Diva AJ Lee tied the knot in June 2014, but the "Best in the World" just recently opened up as to what led to the couple getting married.Punk left the WWE in January 2014 on the day after the Royal Rumble and amid heavy speculation over why he left, the Punk controversially left WWE a few months prior to the wedding and officially got fired the same day the couple gave their vows, predicting AJ Lees retirement from wrestling to focus on outsideLethal made the comment on March 1, 2015, and Punk and AJ were married only four months later. CM Punk was at Wrigley Field today (Sat May 17, 2014) for the Chicago Cubs 3-0 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers and, in addition to singingHe didnt say much -- "Im not working much these days" -- but he did drop one little interesting nugget: He will be getting married to AJ Lee next month. Rumors have been circulating online that CM Punk and AJ Lee may have gotten married yesterday. PWMania.com can provide an update on those reports via PWInsider, confirming that the two were married either Friday night or early this morning. CM Punk was a guest at Wrigley Field and he spoke with the announcers there. He didnt speak anything much about wrestling and CM Punk said he is getting married with Aj Lee in next month. Reported by: Real Razor. Search this group. Cm punk and AJ lee fans is on Facebook.AJ Lee used to be dolph ziggler girl friend but when she was on her own she was divas champion for 295 days and ever since she was champion she has won every title match with the black widow submission. Pigs, wrote Punk. The couple got married on June 13, 2014, according to a claim that originated that day on Reddit.com and was described by PWInsider.com as a small, private affair.Do CM Punk and Lita Have Heat Due To AJ Lee? According to PWInsider.com, the two got were married late Friday or early Saturday in a private ceremony. The two have been a couple for some time and previously it was reported that AJ Lee would not be returning to WWE television until her marriage with CM Punk had taken place. Help us build our profile of C.M. Punk and AJ Lee! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions.3 months, 14 days. Married.CM Punk AJ Lee wedding photo. AJ Lee in 2018: Still married to her Husband CM Punk? How rich is she? Does AJ Lee have tattoos? Does she smoke?Relationship status. Married (Since 2014). Sexuality. Straight. Current Husband of AJ Lee. CM Punk. But Ill get back to the actual ring action in a moment. Lets take a wildly romantic detour for a second and revel in CM Punk and AJ Lee getting married over the weekend! Happy confrakulations to the wonderful, reclusive couple! CM Punk-aj lee update. By Dave Scherer on 2014-06-14 12:07:02.From what I was told, they werent at that time but they did get married either last night or early this morning. We wish them all of the best in their new marriage. Meanwhile AJ Lees new husband CM Punk has also been at the height of speculation this weekWhilst this would probably please WWE, because they made CM Punk the star he is today, theirDo YOU want to write for GiveMeSport? Get started today by signing-up and submitting an article HERE The pair have been photographed spending a lot of time together over the past few months and it does make you wonder just how much desire AJ will have to continue in the business away from her husband.WhatCulture.com wishes Brooks and Lee all the best in married life. it was the happiest day in my life getting married to you Chibi AJ Lee I luv chu. Chibi CM Punk: kisses you.Chibi CM Punk: But aj I wanna touch! As CM Punk prepared for his transition to UFC, he was quick to praise his wife for her unflinching support and "for moving to Milwaukee because I wanna do this stupid thing where I get punched in the face."Previous Image: CM Punk and wife AJ Lee Next Image: CM Punk and wife AJ Lee. Punk also revealed that he is getting married next month and then AJ Lee was shown standing off to the side of the broadcast booth.Post Category: News Tags: AJ Lee, CM Punk. The 12 days of Christmas WWE style.On Friday, June Phil Brooks (CM Punk) married girlfriend April Mendez (WWE Diva AJ Lee) in a private ceremony in Chicago, Illinois. aj punk crazy is my superpower aj brooks cm punk aj lee phil brooks marriage goals.50 days of cm punk | day twenty-five (DADDY AND HUBBY AF).BaileyLAKings: I finally got to meet the smartest and most talented person in CMPunk s family hi AJBrooks. AJ is teaming with CM Punk to face Kane and Daniel Bryan.You need to login to do this. Get Known if you dont have an account. Share. Funny / AJ Lee.I almost married that, she said in disbelief. Is aj married to phill (cm punk).Did that Jim Norton guy say Did you wrestle to AJ?.Does he even do his research on guests.

CM Punk Talks About The Exact Day He Left WWE.Top 10 things you didnt know about aj lee and CM punk. CM Punk mentioned at the Chicago Cubs game on Saturday, where he sang 7th inning stretch, that he has been playing a lot of NHL 94 on Sega Genesis during his time off and has won the Stanley Cup 18 times. Punk also revealed that he is getting married next month and then AJ Lee was shown The best quotes of the day Monday January 1 2018.Relationship Between Faith And Works. Can Anyone Perform Marriage Ceremony. Princess Love Ray J. Beyonce And Jay Z Love Quotes. Main. Videos. When did aj lee and cm punk start dating. CM Punk (Phil Brooks) and his wife AJ Lee (April Mendez) had a photo of the two at their wedding leaked online. Punk took to his Twitter account to let fans know that he would block anyone who retweeted a certain picture, although the tweet was later deleted.Get Exclusive Updates. On CM Punk helping her deal with it: "We were really good friends for a long time before we ever dated, so he knew.It would have been great I didnt tell him, and we got married and Im like, ha!Check out the complete AJ Lee interview at YouTube.com. With CM Punk coming out and telling people online that he and AJ Lee were in engaged, PWInsider is reporting that CM Punk and AJ Lee were married either last night or early thisWhy go to several Websites to get your fix when you can refresh your page on Daily DDT to get everything in one place. 5 facts that you didnt know regarding AJ Lee and CM Punk. Well for the first time, a picture has surfaced from the day of the affair, and you can see it here.The couple got married on June 13,according to a claim that originated that day on Reddit. Add your answer. Is aj lee and cm punk married?If the Bullet Club All In event becomes set for Chicago do you think that event will see CM Punks return to wrestling? CM Punk and AJ Lee are reportedly getting married. Many are wondering what this means for Lees WWE future, as Punk is currently away from the company after walking out mid-contract. But these two arent the first man and woman in the wrestling business to get together. Aj Lee and Dolph Ziggler are in a relationship in real life but what happens when Aj gets put in a love story line with Dean Ambrose.Cm punk quit the wwe and goes home in Chicago he wants to see his girl friend aj lee. All he did was sit and stared at the wall wishing to see and kiss aj. We have heard from a lot of people asking if CM Punk and AJ Lee were married yesterday afternoon. From what I was told, they werent at that time but they did get married either last night or early this morning. We wish them all of the best in their new marriage. Among other things, AJ discussed what name she calls her husband CM Punk by, beingSomebody asked me yesterday, they go, do you call him Punk? and Im like, what is wrong with you?It would have been great I didnt tell him, and we got married and Im like, ha! You bought this!" CM Punk who was engaged to AJ Lee were officially married this afternoon. Punk and AJ loved the idea of having their wedding onPunks vows: "YOU HAVE A VAGINA!!!" This just in Metsfan4Ever is CM Punk. I do! --AJ.I hope there were ice cream bars and diet soda to celebrate this day. Well considering they are married I would say yes they have arelationship with each other.Did aj lee sleep with cm punk? Yes, John Cena, Randy Orton, and The Bella Twins saw them in a hotel room together. - Jason Jordon got married on Friday to April Elizambeth. CM Punk surprised his wife AJ Lee by having her friend and former WWE superstar Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) visit.Former WWE Divas Champion Returning After A Four Year Hiatus. 6 days ago. I keep getting asked about AJ Lee and CM Punk.In addition, she was married to CM Punk and many thought that she might "retire" too from the WWE.Maybe the WWE is pushing AJ Lee to SPITE CM Punk? That could be But at the end of the day, WWE actually needs AJ Lee in the AJ Lee And CM Punk - Marry You - Duration: 3:53.CM Punk AJ Lee Talk About Their Relationship | Marriage Milestone Celebration - Duration: 0:36. Wrestling Buzz 51,853 views.