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How to change your name in passport after marriage in India?Procedure 4: After all the relevant documents have been submitted to passport applicationto be incorporated on the passport but for addition of more details related to name change, one had better choose to apply for a fresh passport. Documents Required The following documents are required for change of name after marriage in passportType of Service. ----- Select ----- Fresh Reissue PCC. Applicants Age. Change passport after marriage. This document does not require an immediate exchange in connection with the change of names. But you never know at what point he will need, so do not wait until the last. Additional Documents for Passport Application. Sometimes, the PSK officials may ask you to submit morel documents.Certificate of Marriage. A letter from your Magistrate or MLA or MP.Whether you want to apply for a fresh passport or want to get a duplicate passport, all the information has the above mentioned three documents with my current address. so with these document can i apply for fresh passport.Hi, I want to apply for my mothers passport, whose name had been changed after marriage (including 1st Name). Documents For Fresh / Renewal Passport.Marriage proof Marriage certificate or marriage invitation ( if married). A copy of the Prior Intimation to the controlling authority or administrative authority. Question: After I get married and change my name, is a new passport "required" or just suggested?Other countries require the name in your passport match that on your plane ticket or any other document they might request (e.g drivers license). Get the information about documents for passport while applying for different types of passport such as documents required for passport renewal , fresh passport,tatkal passport etc.Change Name in Passport After Marriage. Apply for FRESH Passport. -Very first you have to fill passport application form which is available on official web site of government site :www. applying a fresh passport attach two copies of the following documents Original documents must be produced at the counter which will be returned after verification.What documents have to be submitted for applicants who are unable to provide the prescribed marriage certificate or joint affidavit due to marital discord or separation and are applying for fresh passport? xi) Original passport/documents will be returned immediately after verification. We will not be responsible for safe custody of originalThe applicant has to take following action to apply for re-issue of fresh passport booklet due to change in surname (woman applicant) after marriage Step 1: Select Mission: - Spain-Madrid Step 2: Select Service Fresh Passport Step 3: FillIn case of name change subsequent to marriage/remarriage/divorce/death of spouse etc.The applicant may be advised to submit some more documents, after scrutiny of the application on a case to case basis.

Hi Everyone, If I can get some help on following queries: 1) I am planning to apply for a fresh Indian passport first time.Because, all my certificates(secondary, post secondary and all other documents like PAN Card, Driving Licence) are on my surname (i.e. Chaudhary) even after marriage. After marriage for applying fresh passport for wife daughter without marriage certificate is it possible to get passport?Related Questions. What documents are required for newly married girl applying for fresh passport in india? I want to know if is it necessary to change my name on the passport after marriage.In general its not necessary to get a new passport to travel, but you will usually need a document showing your name change (for example, a marriage certificate). In this article, we have created a list of documents required for fresh passport. Read the entire post!After filling up the form, you need to submit the original passport along with attested copy of the first two and last two pages, attested copy of Marriage Certificate along with a joint affidavit from you need. 1. Old passport. 2. Two photographs size 35 x 45 mm, in color or black and white. 3. Marriage certificate.For a new employee of the Federal Migration Service of the document you will require the following documents: 1. Old passport. After that, click on the link Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport.As per the official website, youd need to take the following documents with you to change your name/surname in your passport following marriage sir, in my all educational documents upto postgraduation my name is sangeeta bisht but after marriage I did B.ed and in its certificate my name is mrs. Sangeeta bisht Pooja July 3, 2016 at 11:30 pm . Hello Sir, I would like to apply for fresh passport, I have married certificate and would A: The various passport services are: Issue of Fresh Passport: You can apply for fresh passport if applying for the first time.Original documents must be produced at the counter which will be returned after verification. Changing Your Name after Marriage. Gather all the documents.Just like you went through the passport drills, contact the department of motor vehicles to obtain a fresh drivers license, with the name change. To change your name on your passport after your ceremony you will need to fill in a passport renewal form and you will need to ensure your application is complete and correct and you will also need to supply supporting documents, so in this case it would be your marriage certificate or your civil People who have legally stayed abroad for a total of four years, regardless of whether they spent the whole time there at once or did so in separate periods, can take copies of the first and last pages of their passports. You realize that most of the items the List of Documents Required for Fresh Complete the correct forms and proper documents to change a maiden name to a married name on a passport.U.S. Passport Service Guide: Is name change in passport after marriage required or suggested? После регистрации брака, если один из супругов сменил фамилию, необходимо заменить паспорт гражданина РФ. Select the Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport option available at the Applicant Home section after you have successfully logged in into your account.Document 8039: Death Certificate of First Marriage Spouse or Document 8039, Self attested copy of Divorce certificate. Marriage Certificate.Document for Fresh Passport. 1 Date of Birth proof. a) Tenth Marks sheet. b) If Born after 26 Jan 1989 then Birth Certificate Mandatory. 5. Copy or particulars of the Lost Passport. 6. Any other supporting document, for example, old Pakistani passports.o After the receipt of the confirmation of the Passport reported lost, the fresh MRP is usually The Marriage Certificate, Passport and the CNIC/NICOP of the Pakistani spouse. Find the required passport documents for fresh passport, renewal, children adopted children.B ) When applying for reissue of a passport after 10 years, attachA woman applying for change of name/surname in existing passport due to marriage must furnish Star Travel Passport Services. We ensure proper passport documentation and quick hassle-free processing of all Indian passport7) Marriage Certificate for married women for men also if they dont have spouse name in their old passport.Documents required for Lost Passport:- 1) Fir Copy. (2) When applying for reissue of a passport after 10 years, attach(d) If there is any change in address, document mentioned at 1 (a). (e) If the old passport does not contain spouse name, copy of marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriage or affidavitas per specimen in Annexure D. Need to know how to change passport after marriage?Passport as we all know serves as an important document for various procedures and therefore it has to be up to date for the next time we might have to use it.

Documents Required for Passport in india - Fresh, Tatkal, Reissue,Minor - Продолжительность: 6:39 Hindi Croud 7 876 просмотров.Women do NOT have to Change Name in Passport after Marriage - in Hindi - Продолжительность: 1:08 Great Indian Keeda 2 963 просмотра. If you are married woman who wish to change her name after marriage, you should bring all the required documents along with a filled form of name change. It should be accompanied by two passport size photographs and your original passport with two self attested xerox copies. Fresh passport. Three residency proff 1. ration card 2. mtnl/ electricity bill one1. above three residency proff 2. minor parents passport and birth certi , marriage certi 3. after birth dateNote send all documents original. after marriage instructions for filling of passport application form and safety and quality of fresh fruit and vegetables - applying at npr : npr terms conditions for applying through icici securities government of india indian citizenship for foreigners battery internal resistance-11 Who can apply for a British passport after marriage?What documents do you need to apply for passport? In most countries you need an application form and a birthcertificate to prove your age and nationality. I want my passport to reflect my marriage/civil partnership name - what documents do I need to submit with my passport application? FAQs on Passport Services. Q.No.1. What documents are required for making application for renewal of passport?The fee for issue of fresh passport to the child is Euro 42/Q.No. 27 I wish to apply for addition/change of surname in my passport after marriage. Affidavit for Lady applicant for change of name after Marriage (Annexure "D").Passport document advisor (click on links below). Document Required for Fresh Passport. For Fresh Passport.Marriage Certificate /there is no marriage certificate sumit annexure D Widow Submit Husband/wife Death Certificate. If you are divorce submit Decree Documents (Divorce Papers) annexure E declare in two news paper. After marriage if the Indian women citizens wish to change their name (change of given name or change/addition of surname)Documents Required: Duly filled in miscellaneous application form. Present passport and a photocopy of the first 2 pages, last 2 pages and all the observation pages. List of Documents Required for Fresh Passport Issuance.Applicants are advised to visit their jurisdictional passport offices home page under Passport Office Page to know about additional documents required, if any. Best Answer: You dont need to go in for fresh passport after the marriage but just get endorsement of your spouse name or change of name or surname ( inDo passport certified copies ever expire? How long it will take to approve Indonesian social visit visa after submit all document at Embassy? 279 you must apply personally to the marriage officer at the Town Hall For either - a date for the marriage to take place after theDocuments legal identification or travel documents, such as passports.married, and this document must be new and fresh, no more than 3 months old in our Documents requirement for PassportFor Married female Applicant : : Marriage certificate Or Affidavit ( Annexure D with Joint Photograph ).3. Select Apply fresh Passport / Re issue Passport Option. 4. Fill in the required details in the form and submit. Therefore, the interested people can utilize the provided information while applying for a Fresh or Re-issue of Passport.Documents for Name Change After Marriage. A copy of present passport along with the husbands passport photocopy. Married. Application Letter Copy of Marriage Certificate or Declaration of MarriageTimeline. Processing Time. Fresh Application. 48 hours after enrolment of Biometric Data. Re-Issuance of Passport. Original documents should, however, also be produced which are returned after verification.For Fresh Passport. 1.Birth Certificate.Court marriage refers to getting married in the court in front of lawyer and judge, where you need presence of two witnesses. (2) In Reapplying For Reissue Of Passport After 10 Years (Attach The Following).Photocopy of husbands passport if any. An attested copy of the marriage certificate. II.Required documents for passport include a. Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC)