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It has a metal band running around its edge that gives it more of a premium aesthetic than we saw in older Notes.If youre still on the fence, you can check out our features/specs comparison from back in September, and our individual reviews of the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the latest phablet flagship of the Korean brand while Galaxy S6 Edge is the larger version of S6 Edge. Which device has the best specifications among all three devices? Lets take a look at the specs comparison between iPhone 6S Plus Highlight Differences. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Apple iPhone 6 Plus.Coolpad Max vs. Meizu M3 Note vs. Lenovo Vibe X3 vs. Motorola Moto G 4g comparison. We can see that the iPhone 6 Plus features a significantly larger pixels. The reason for this is that although the sensor is smaller in comparison to the S6 Edge and Note 4, it has fewer pixels on the surface. Here is a very interesting three way comparison between the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Note 4 the Google Nexus 6. More information on the Samsung Note 4: httpSamsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus.10 Reasons Why Samsung Note 4 Is Better Than iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is gimmicky but its specs make it top iPhone 6 Plus(See iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison for more). Heres how those results weigh up to give you an idea.These may be useful if youre trying to device between two specific iPhone models. Samsung frames these two smartphones as a choice between the multimedia-consuming, lifestyle focus of the S6 Edge and the multitasking, productivity focus of the Note 5. Regardless, both phones will be pitted against the iPhone 6 Plus and any successors to it, so were going to compare all three. Im going to do Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus camera comparison and lets see how the budget champion stacks up against the flagship.Battle between s7 edge and Xiaomi Redmi note 4 begins. The existing Galaxy S7 Edge chimes in with the same size display as the iPhone 6s Plus, albeit a Quad HD 2560-by-1440 offering, but both areUpdate x1: Heres a comparison between this years Note compared to last years: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy Note 5 [Specs Comparison].

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a huge 5.5-inch screen display, quite a difference from the 4-inch panel of the older iPhone. But how does it compare with one of Samsungs phablets? Below is the comparison between the new iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge What is the difference between iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge?Difference Between Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Benchmarks Real world tests of Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus. passmark Processor performance including multiple coresData courtesy Passmark.Related Comparisons. From left to right: iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4: Low light photography was very intriguing to me in this comparison.However, there are some subtle differences between the iPhone 6 Plus and Note 4 that may make one or the other a better choice for you. The iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 are two of the most advanced smartphones ever, but Samsungs phablet has the edge.Editors Note: The 999 iPhone X is coming soon, and well be doing a separate face-off between that phone and the Note 8 when it arrives.

Gallery images and information: Iphone 6 Plus Vs Note 4 Size Comparison.The design of the iPhone 6 line is influenced by that of the iPad Air, with a glass front that is curved around the edges of the display, and an aluminum rear that contains two plastic strips for the antenna. Today were going to be comparing Apples iPhone 6 Plus to Samsungs Galaxy Note 4. I realized that there are a limited range of comparisons that can happen between these two devices, but were going to touch on some of the most important factors between the two such as design, software The iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5in and 619 but should you buy one? Find out in our iPhone 6 Plus video review. Its a tough-fought battle between the Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus when it comes to design. Both feature premium metal and glass bodies with rounded edges and both come with fingerprint scanners baked into the physical home keys. The iPhone 6 Plus pales in comparison, with its 1080p Full-HD display. Winner: Tie between the Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6. Comparing the Cameras on both the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the iPhone 6 Plus. .Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy Note 4 - Detailed Camera Comparison - Duration: 6:22. Home » Smartphones » Apple » Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus : Comparison .With rounded edges at all, even the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are reproached for losing theAt the present time, the compatibility between applications is available on iOS for the iPhone 6 Plus is not really iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6 Plus Vs iPhone 5c Vs iPhone 5s [Specs Comparison Chart]. How to Root Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200, GT-I9205. Samsung Introduced Galaxy Note 3 With Dual-SIM. Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note 4 Edge a month back. Apple soon followed suit with the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus which was the companys first attempt at an iPhone in the phablet category. The Galaxy Note 5 is fairly similar in construction to the Galaxy S6 Edge, but is characterized by not featuring the curved edges of its cousin.Thus, the notional difference in battery site between the two Galaxy devices and the iPhone 6 Plus is allegedly misleading.

Now in its fourth generation, the Note series is considered the gold standard of big phones, largely (no pun intended) due to its S-Pen smart stylus and multitasking abilities. So, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Two phablets, two operating systems, two bitter rivals. Both Apple and Samsung do have their own share of avid followers, and the battle between whose better seems to be never ending. With the release of their current flagship phones, the question of who is more superior continues. Check out this iPhone vs Galaxy comparison below. Samsung has finally released the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to compete with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. But which comes out top in our comparison?Here is a video about transferring contacts from iPhone 5S to Galaxy Note 5, also it can help you transfer data between iPhone 6 Plus, LG G4, Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page.Apple iPhone 6 Plus. View more 53 images. LOADING . HTC U11 Plus vs iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Comparison.Galaxy S6 Edge Vs iPhone 6 Plus Review Apples Past. iPhone 6 Reviews Details and Bending Problems. iPhone 6S Plus vs Note 5 Which is the best phablet to buy. At the request of several readers, today we decide to draw up a first technical comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.New Galaxy Note Edge Coming out. comparison, Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 6 Plus.While on the left edge of Note 5 there is a slot for stylus pen that has the cool new push to eject feature. Both the phones have a physical Home button below the screen. This post is a comparison between two newly-released mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus.Conclusion: Which one will you choose? You can make your own decision according to the tech specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After all, they are the most famous of rivalries. We all know about the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung.All Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Camera Comparisons.All iPhone 6 Plus Camera Comparisons. The Note7 is in-between the two at 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm and 169g.In comparison, the S7 edge and 6s Plus only feature a fingerprint scanner on the home button.Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Apple iPhone 6S Plus. Display size, resolution. 5.7-inch 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. iPhone 6 Plus: Curved aluminium, dark/light grey or gold, 7.1mm Galaxy Note 4: Metal edge, plastic back, gold/blue/black/white, 8.5mm.The iPhone 6 Plus in comparison doesnt pack the OS with additional apps and the core ones it does include provide a solid overall experience. The iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 5 are the best big-screened phones in the world. Theyre both fantastic, but there are some key differences.I spent a week switching between the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 — heres how they compare. See also: Apple unveils iPhone 6S Plus, the biggest and most powerful iPhone yet. You can take a look at the comparison chart below between the iPhone 6S Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Both Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus took the stage few days earlier. Which one is better? Here offers iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison for you.Metal band around the edges was missed in earlier model of Galaxy Note. comparison, Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 Plus. A Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Apple iPhone 6 Plus. By Android1Pro Team.November 24, 2014. A Comparison of Apple iPhone 6s Plus And Samsung Galaxy Note 5. See the detailed comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus and check who wins the battle.iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 2915 mAh battery while Samsung has packed a 3220 mAh battery in the Note 4. Tests have indicated that the Samsung has a little edge over Apple. Or in a comparison between the Note4 and 6, 6 is better. So it all depends on what devices youre comparing!Samsung s6edge plus or iPhone 6 s? Top specs and features. Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 115 facts in comparison.When different devices are connected to the same network, data can be transferred easily between them.Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos 8890 Octa). Apple iPhone 6 Plus. This is a comparison between iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung galaxy Note Edge.And in September, 2014, people shift their focus toward new phablets, namely, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4. This is Apples first foray into the phablet market. Apple may have announced a smaller iPhone 6 at its September keynote as previously rumored, but that didnt stop the Cupertino-based company from introducing an enlarged version of the iPhone 6 too. Sporting a 5.5-inch Retina display and more advanced camera components With the Galaxy Note 4 announced just last week, we thought a comparison between the two newIn other areas, the iPhone 6 Plus pales in comparison to the Note 4. Apple aficionados getsThe Note 4 could retail for 199 with its slightly more eccentric variant, the Galaxy Note Edge, priced at Comparing the Cameras on both the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the iPhone 6 Plus. . Get the most cash for your old or used iPhone! . Cell Cashier vs Craigslist (How to Sell Your Old iPhone) . Other Camera Comparisons Categorized under Gadgets,SmartPhones | Ten Differences Between an iPhone 6 and a Note 4.Design Edge. The lighter weight metal iPhone seems more hand-friendly with its rounded edges for some people, the protruding camera may not be much to their liking. Well compare the iPhone 6 Plus with the Note 4 and see which one is better.The Note 4 is slightly changed over the previous model, meaning that it got rid of the fake stitching from the edge of its faux leather back, but the texture is coarse and cheap looking. Last years fight between iPhone 5S and Samung Galaxy S5 has not yet faded, the battle between Apples new iPhone 6 (Plus) vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 keeps simmering for months.Specs Comparison: iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4. iPhone 6 Plus VS Samsung Note 4. Written by Lamies El Hussieny - on 11 Sep, 2014. Apple has recently announced its iPhone 6 Plus, that comes with a 5.5 inch screen, making it an important competitor to the Samsung Note 4 that was announced recently.