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A demo of JavaScript else if statement with multiple conditions.JavaScript switch case statement explained with different HTML elements. What is do while loop? Using JavaScript setInterval with clearInterval: 4 demos. If Price programming switch vs variables store data. if else your first visit, be sure check FAQ by clicking link above example: type text/ javascript var. Switch vs Else performance comparison if-then-else if-end if. A reasonable misunderstanding for a person relatively new to javascript (or coding). The if/else conditional checks are NOT equivalent to a switch check.Switch() vs if else if. A Switch-Case versus Polymorphism scenario. Javascript tutorial if else switch statements. source.Previous article Adding Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript. Next article Storing Values with the Assignment Operator- freeCodeCamp Basic JavaScript lesson 3. This example is if - else statement.

It display the first of all the sum of two numbers and check the condition after that it execute the code.