a href onclick not working in chrome





Javascript Html Google-chrome Firefox Onclick. Related posts. How do JavaScript closures work?test. Cant you simple put test.html in href of the anchor? Isnt it available?Can you please check, I think its cross origin issue which usually creates problem in chrome. onClick is working, but you wont be able to load the file due to cross origin issue. Dont forget semicolon after return false It works even history.go(-1) also For Chrome, IE, Mozilla i tested, works fine. use below code: Back. Close. This will close the current window in Chrome and IE.This is not what I was hoping for. But its at least good to know that in Firefox window.close() will not work at all if the window is not opened by using

google.com" onclick"javascript:ref()">CLICK ME <.location.href will only change the URL of the current window. In order to open a new tab or window, its better to use window.open. I tested it in Safari specifically (and Chrome) and it is working in both browsers. Onclick event in html select not working chrome and safari, i have different javascript function associated with each option tag to toggle layers on off in an openlayers map it works fine opera firefox and ie9 but not in.Ie9 href onclick not working.

The OnClick event does work in the scenario because it works in firefox, and I have tested it with an alert.JavaScript Form Validator Window.Location.Href Routing Issue - 2 replies.Cookie not working in chrome - 2 replies. Ajax "onreadystatechange" problem with Safari Chrome - 10 replies. This code works fine in FF, it takes the user back to the previous page, but not in ChromeYou should use window.history and return a false so that the href is not navigated by the browser ( the default behavior ). . The second method required a bit more work, but avoided the "prompting issue". The following lines of code were to be inserted into the head of an HTML document With onclick call the javascript function but it does not work on IE, Chrome and Safari. changeurl function () var link document.formheader.valueurl.value parent.frameurlext.location. href link Ionic2 onclick not working. I have a select list, when a user chooses random5, if they dont like the choice that is automatically made I would like them to be able to choose this the onchange event for select HTML element does not work in Googles Chrome at all. I have a page set up so that when the body loads, i use onload to run a javascript function that draws an HTML table (with that CDATA nonsense). one of the things in the table is a dead link (currently href is set to ""), and it has an onclick eventAnyway, it all seems to work perfectly in google chrome. Clicking the button cmdMyButton works in Firefox and Chrome, but does absolutely nothing in Edge.What would be a correct way of assigning an image to the onclick event? Or is there a better way of turning a thumbnail into href? OnClick parent getElementById.click () Does not work in CHROME. Ive been trying my best to solve this problem but I really cant find whats wrong.I noticed that less.js is working in firefox but not in Chrome, or is it because I made an error?