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0. Does an iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1.6 require SIM card setup after iTunes restore? 2. Unlocked IPhones 5s Gets locked after inserting SIM. 3.Is a proof using modular arithmetic in a question like this valid? Why is scientism philosophically wrong? It shows sim not valid The sim card that you currently have installed in this iphone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. I bought my Iphone 5s from an O2 store and paid for it fully. Right now I try to put my foreign Sim card and I keep on getting this message "Sim Not Valid". What should i do? Many users of Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 have complained about Invalid SIM, SIM Not Valid or No Sim error after they upgrade to an advanced iOS 7.x. Have you also just upgraded your mobile device and all of a sudden found that your SIM is being called invalid? Here is how you fix the problem SIM NOT VALID / ACTIVATION REQUIRED.Screen will stay in total Black . Iphone is restarting in restore mode. Good Luck. Hope i helped you guys!!! Restore iPhone 5 without SIM? iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting - MacRumors Forums - forums.macrumors.com.i have iphone 4 with pascode and phone was shoing disable .i restore iphone after restore show this .how to solve this. iPhone 6s sim not valid. 28-09-2015 08:53 AM.I have tried to restore the phone but the same error occurs.

I understand that a new, unlocked, iphone will lock to the first sim which is inserted when it is set up. The there is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate error is a very complicated problem with not enough informations to fix it, but you should try these steps: Your iPhone need to be activated via iTunes after you restore it - Connect it to iTunes with valid sim card After restore iphone 5 it s say insert a valid card.Sim card not valid on iphone 5. Celkon c770m opera mini java application by mistake deleted how can i ree install? I want to install whatsapp application on my sony ericsson u5i but whenever i try to install it tells me "could not install"? TunesMate iPhone Transfer.

D-Port Pro iPhone Backup Restore Tool.If your iPhone and SIM card has been unlocked before, then you can attempt to bring out your SIM from the iPhone and reinserting. Im stuck at this "sim not valid" error messages after restoring my iPhone 4 as a new device. I have tried other sim card from various service providers, hard-resettings etc. Theres a support for this type of problem in the internet but it is not free. I dont even know where to start. Anybody pls help. Learn Backup and Restore Tips. Home.

Android. iPhone. Windows.Posted in iPhoneTagged 5s, activate, card, iOS, iPhone, SIM, update. Gallery of Images "Sim not valid iphone 4s activation screen" (483 pics)Official Factory Unlock iPhone IMEI for iPhone 6,5S,5C,5. Jul 02, 2014Fix an Activation Error After an iPhone Reset Restore. How to unlock apple iphone 4s model no is A1387? It doesnt has to be a SIM card from the network you wish to unlock - it can be any valid SIM card from ANY network provider (GSM SIM CARDS ONLY).Also there can be on iPhone No Service after restore or update, activation or deactivation with Redsn0w or SAM tool, even after jailbreak. sarahconnor09 Did you tried with sim card door open (imp: take out sim card during process) My iphone became very hot and enter overheating mode after the restore. But since then, it is still working great. Check the Sim Card Remove the SIM card from your device and then verify if its valid, and was manufactured by a career.Restore via iTunes Restore your iPhone via iTunes and check if the no SIM card installed error appears or not. Click Restore iPhone to put iPhone into its default settings. After that, try to active iPhone again.For more similar questions like activation request could not be completed, iOS 11 SIM card not supported, contact us at any time by commenting below. Why does my iPhone 4 say SIM not valid after I updated to ios 5? Also, is there anything I can do to fix it?Sounds like your phone was software unlocked, or hacked/jailbroken, to work with any carrier. Updating the phone restored the original carrier. Hello, I have recently purchased a new iPhone 5s from a Company here in UAE ! and sent the iphone new as its to as a gift outside the UAE ! when they tried to activate their iphone for the first time ! it gives them the error that SIM is not valid !« iphone 4s error 3919 cannot restore help! | Why isnt my iPhone activating? Any time you set up a new Or used iPhone, or your own iPhone after you restore it in iTunes, you get the white HelloMake sure you have a SIM card installed Many models of iPhone take a SIM card, and will not activate unless one is installed in the SIM card tray. This is a temporary backend problem that should now be resolved, restoring really fast, beautiful "iPod touch" into the functioning iPhone 5s you paid for - DED].In my case however, I got an error message saying the SIM card was not valid. It doesnt has to be a SIM card from the network you wish to unlock - it can be any valid SIM card from ANY network provider (GSM SIM CARDS ONLY).Also there can be on iPhone No Service after restore or update, activation or deactivation with Redsn0w or SAM tool, even after jailbreak. Have you ever faced the situation that your iPhone says "Invalid SIM", " SIM Not Valid" or "No Sim"?Click "iOS System Recovery" option on the main interface. Click "Start" button to restore iPhone system. The message "SIM Not Valid" appears with more info about contacting your carrier (in my case Verizon) or Apple for more info.The SIM was ruled out as a problem by activating the SIM from the iPhone 5S on my iPhone 5. Putting it back in the 5S yielded no success. Опубликовано: 22 февр. 2013 г. Iphone 5 error Sim Not Valid.apple iphone 5s straniero giappone docomo attivazione con r sim - Продолжительность: 21:12 iPhoneAssist Roma 121 541 просмотр. 1). Insert non-valid Sim card in iPhone and connect it to iTunes using USB. 2). When iTunes detects your device perform a backup and after backup just click Restore. So basically, the problem is, when I try to activate the iPhone (iOS 8.4.1) it shows " SIM Not Valid" like thisI take it youve attempted a full restore (to factory) via iTunes as its conceivable that a process may of been skipped with the implementation of OTA updates. 1.2 2nd: Restart or Reboot iPhone: iPhone1.3 2rd Update or Restore your iOS on your iPhone and iPad1.8 8th: iMessage Activation after SIM changed Thanks! iPhone 5s, iOS 10.3.3. Posted on Aug 19, 2017 5:50 PM. Reply I have this question too. Q: Why SIM not work, after restoring iPhone 5s? Be sure to give out a valid email as it will be used as a channel of communication once the lock has been bypassed successfully.When setting up your iPhone after the restore process, use the backup to set up your phone again. This is how you can unlock your locked iPhone without SIM card 5. After restoring, your iPhone will be unlocked.Yes, i did backup and restore for my iphone, and with new sim card it says sim is not valid. So, my question is: If I restore this iPhone 3GS, will it require a SIM card in order to set it up again? the setup for iOS 6.1.6 after the restore require aThe giffgaff community, , Help Support, , Iphone 5 SIM not valid Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone sign of his damaged sim card. iPhone 5 Sim Card Not Detected Problem Solution Repair.We are not responsible if any harm comes to your device during the repairing process. IPhone 5 Insert Sim IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways Sim Not Working Sim Not Valid IPhone 5, Insert Sim,Sim, Insert iPhone 5 Invalid SIM - Продолжительность: 3:34 Eddie Carrara 288 085 просмотров.How to SIM Unlock an iPhone 5S Using Unlocking Service - Продолжительность: 5:05 TheUnlockr 353 501 просмотр. Early adopters of the iPhone 5s are stupefied by an unexpected error that suggests the SIM card that shipped with the phone is not valid for use.Some have been able to convince their phones to accept the SIM card by doing a complete restore. Others spontaneously activated a day after being I updated my Iphone to ios5 last night and the install went smoothly and worked fine until i went to turn it on and reactivate it after the restore. after i put in all the settings on the opening screens it went to try and activate the phone and it said " sim not valid". Both methods fail and says "sim not valid. Only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone."I plugged it into itunes to re flash io6. Itunes gave me the same message and didnt let me do ANYTHING whatsoever. Not even restore. Restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes. No service on iPhone can also be fixed by restoring the iPhone using iTunes.Iphone 6 especially even the small one will bend and once its bent the antenna or sim will not carry a signal. I squeezed mine really hard after I turned it off and Click Restore. Hopefully you have a recent back-up. Note: It is a large update and will take a while. Apple servers are currently getting slammed. share and improve this answerIPhone 5s setup sim not valid solutions ?Aziz Moukdad. After that, you should do a restore. Your phone is now unlocked and the message should pop up on iTunes. Keep in mind that the message does not appear sometimes. If this happens, you can test this with a non valid SIM card. If you obtain service, this means that your iPhone has been unlocked. This tutorial is valid for the iPhone 3G too.After restoring the itune on itunes, when I click on the iPhone icon the message The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported. You are on of those iPhone users whit iPhone SIM not valid message on your Apple screen? If you are then you came to the right place where you can remove this problem from your iPhone device. Here on this page you will find SIM not valid remover tool also All about the iPhone SIM card, including where its located, how to remove it, 3GS: SIM iPhone 4: micro-SIM iPhone 4S: micro-SIM iPhone 5: nano-SIM Depending on the country and carrier, you can unlock an iPhone after a . with any sim after. i thought tmobile would unlock iphone permanently as long as the contract is finished and fully paidi restored it to the latest ios, tried to activate it, still sim not valid when activating. my friend said that when he spoke to tmobile, his account was cleared and cannot be found 3. Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached. 4. SIM Not Supported.Now, restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes. Thats all for how to fix cant activate iPhone 7/7Plus/6s/6/5s/5 after installing iOS 11. If you just updated your iPhone to iOS 9.3.1 and got the SIM Not Valid (invalid SIM) error. This is the easiest way to fix it.Too good to miss: How to Fix iPhone 7 Not Charging After Updating to iOS 11.0.1. Thats where this guide comes in. If you have an iPhone 4 it is possible to bypass the SIM Not Valid screen by restoring your activation tickets before you jailbreak.At PuTTY type the following and press enter after each Gallery of Images "Sim not valid iphone 4s activation error" (880 pics)Fix No SIM card Installed Error on iPhone 6 7 6S SE 5S. Jul 02, 2014Fix an Activation Error After an iPhone Reset Restore. Tried validating the iphone but it wasnt possible because SIM not valid .That didnt make any difference. Have tried multiple restarts and restored the phone to factory settings, neither helped. 5. Remove the SIM Card and verify that it is a valid, carrier-manufactured SIM. Also verify that it is not damaged, worn, or modified. Then reinsert it. 6. (last thing you should try) Restore the iPhone.