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Miles Per Gallon (imperial) Conversion Charts. Many Other Conversions.Miles Per Gallon (imperial) (MPG (Imp)). Kilometers Per Litre (KPL). Suppose we need to convert the kilometers per liter into miles per gallon then there is one formula by which we can convert the kmpl to mpg that is mpg kmpl Conversionfactor. This is a conversion chart for miles per gallon (U.S. system).You can also go to the universal conversion page. 2. Enter the value you want to convert (miles per gallon). Then click the Convert Me button. Multiplying the conversion factor 1.2009499254801 with the amount of Miles per Gallon generates equivalent value in Miles per Gallon UK to measure the same quantity of fuel consumption and this process is known as mpg to mpg(UK) conversion.Converter. If you need to convert kilometers/liter to other units, please try our universal Fuel Consumption Unit Converter.How to use kilometer/liter to mile/gallon (US) Conversion Calculator Type the value in the box next to "kilometer/liter [km/L]". [mpg-US to km/l]. a fuel consumption or fuel economy conversion table.How many kilometers per liter in 98 miles per gallon Convertir millas a kilmetros o a metros | Sistema ingles - Duration: 6:33.Convertir kilmetros por hora a metros por segundo, km/h a m/s Unidades de rapidez 404 - Duration: 3:33. algebrita 146,232 views. l/100km (liters per 100 kilometers) km/l (kilometers per liter) gal/100mi (US gallons per 100 miles) gal/100mi (UK gallons per 100 miles) mpg, m/g (miles perThis is simple to use online converter of weights and measures.

Simply select the input unit, enter the value and click " Convert" button. To aid these impoverished nations, this function will convert liters (litres) per 100 kilometers to Miles Per Gallon.echo "10 kilometers is uk UK miles per gallonn" Mpg to l/100km converter calculates the fuel economy in litres and converts the fuel consumption units miles per gallon (US) to liters per 100 kilometers.Please enter the MPG value to convert to l/100km. This converter provides conversion of MPG to L/100km (Miles per US gallon to liters per 100 kilometers) andFuel efficiency can also mean the output one gets for a unit amount of fuel input such as " miles per gallon" or "liters per 100 kilometers" for an automobile (sometimes called fuel economy).

These miles per gallon (mpg) to kilometres per gallon (kpg) converters offer a quick converter for specific values, just enter the value you need to convert in the appropriate box and click the convert button. A commonly used conversion is the conversion between miles per gallon and liters per kilometer (the most common conversions for fuel consumption). These are covered in the Converter but since it is so popular it is converted separately here as well. Converter. You are currently converting fuel consumption units from kilometer per gallon (US) to mile per gallon(US).Convertidor kilmetros por glon (US) en millas por kilmetro (США). greek alphabet. Convert Miles Per Gallon (MPG) to Litres per 100 Kilometres (km) and vice versa.How can this converter be useful? Many countries, including Continental Europe, do not use MPG to measure car fuel consumption. 1 Kilometer per liter 2.35 miles per US gallon So, 10 kl per liter 23.5 mpg A close estimate (if youre converting in your head) is to double the kilometers per liter value, and increase the result by 15. The question (in English) is: What is the highway speed limit in Mexico?. My answer (in English) is: Anywhere from 80km/ h (50mph) to 110km/h (68mph).yes it is correct. Entre 80 kilmetros y 110 kilmetros por hora. La milla por hora (mph) es una unidad de medida de velocidad que expresa el nmero de millas internacionales recorridas por hora. Es oficialmente usado slo en el Reino Unido y Estados Unidos, y se abrevia como mph o MPH, aunque a veces se usa mi/ h en publicaciones tcnicas. Miles per gallon is the base unit for fuel-consumption. Conversions Table.Top fuel-consumption converters. Miles per gallon to gallons per 100 miles. Sign in. Calculators. Converters.The unit measures the amount of distance in kilometers a vehicle can travel on one liter of fuel. In this conversion calculator, you can convert KPL from the known MPG (miles per gallon) (US) value. Use this fuel consumption converter to convert instantly between kilometers per liter, liters per 100 km, miles per gallon and other metric and imperial fuel consumption units.Conversion units currently available for the Fuel Consumption Converter. Miles per gallon converted to miles per kWh. You think Your car drives with gasoline and has nothing to do with kWh. But CCPP combined cycle power plants can convert gasoline by 58 efficiency to electric power. Miles per kWh converted to MPG. miles per gallon. km/L. More information from the unit converter.Use this page to learn how to convert between miles per gallon and km/L. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! KILMETROS.Galn pulgadas pies metros imperial cbicas cbicos cbicos litros libras.Millas por hora (mph).Equivalencia mtrica del sistema ingls en tamaos de tuberas La intencin de las autoridades estadounidenses es de eventualmente convertir todas las mediciones al sistema mtrico. Fuel consumption in miles per gallon (MPG). Meters per mile. Miles to meters (american default). Liters per gallon. Gallons to liters (american default). Fuel Consumption Conversion Calculator to Convert MPG and Liters per 100KM.The Fuel Consumption Conversion Calculator on this page will instantly convert between miles per gallon and liters per 100 kilometers. This converter provides online conversion of Miles per US gallon to liters per 100 kilometers and backwards.This Online Fuel Efficiency Converter can convert M.P.G. to Litre / 100 km. Hybrid. los kilmetros por hora.los kilmetros por litro/galn. kilometers per liter/gallon. El todoterreno. all-terrain. La traccin a cuarto. Four wheel drive. El vehculo deportivo. Since these two types of gallons are not the same, the conversion formula will be different depending on which type of gallon you are converting from.In other languages: Espaol: convertir millas por galn en litros por 100 km, Русский: конвертировать «миль на галлон» в «литры на 100 км» Millas a Kilmetros. Milles en Kilomtres. Meilen in Kilometer. This step by step video example shows how to convert kilometers per liter (km/L) into miles per gallon (mpg). miles per galon 2.35 kilometer per liter. The galon refers to US Galon. Enter the value on mpg and click on kmpl to convert mpg to kmpl. And for your help you also find miles per gallon to litres per 100 kilometres conversion table.Calculate L/100km to MPG and MPG to L/100 km Fuel converter. Home. Quick unit converter. Conversion Calculator. About us.Gallons per 100 miles (Imperial) Gallons per 100 miles (US) [GPHM] Gallons per 10000 miles (Imperial) Gallons per 10000 miles (US) [GP10K] Gallons per mile (Imperial) Gallons per mile (US) [GPM] Kilometer per Liter [km/l] Type the number of Miles per gallon (mpg) you want to convert in the text box, to see the results in the table.- Converters by family. Converting miles per gallon (mpg) to kilometers per litre (km/l) is a simple mathematical process. It can be done in a few easy steps.Auxiliary input converter. Show formula. Convert Miles per hour to Kilometers per hour.millas por hora a kilmetros por hora. milles par heure en kilomtres par heure. 3.0 liters per 100 kilometers. 81 miles per gallon equals.To convert Liters per 100 Kilometers to Miles per gallon click here to see our other useful simple milage conversion tables. This converter transforms kilometers per hour (km/h) to miles per hour (mph).Convert Euro per Liter to Dollars per Gallon. Online Converter supported mobile phones, tablets and computers. English (U.S.)Metric Liters per km (l/km) Liters per 10 km (l/10 km) Liters per 100 km (l/100km) Kilometer per liter (km/l) U.S.

Miles per gallon (mpg) Gallons per 100 miles British Miles per gallon (mpg:1) Miles per litre (mpl) US miles per gallon is calculated as the number of miles traveled per US gallon (not to be confused with Imperial gallon).For quick reference purposes, below are conversion tables that you can use to convert from US mpg to L/100km, and L/100km to US mpg. How to convert 2 gallons US per minute (gal/min) into Liters per minute (L/min)? Is there a calculation formula?With the above mentioned two-units calculating service it provides, this flow rate converter proved to be useful also as a teaching tool: 1. in practicing gallons US per minute and Liters per milimetro galon. mas que nada es para resolver unos problemas que nos dejo el de fisica que son estos: convertir: 98 yardas a millas 3 millas a kilometros 100 litros a gramos 50 metros a milimetros 2 litros aTabla de equivalencia volumen 1 pinta (pint) 0.47 litros 1 galn ( gallon) 3.78 litros. Calculate car miles per gallon or MPG by entering odometer readings and gallons or entering actual mileage.Equivalent fuel economy/efficiency ratings are converted and shown for all units, mpg US, mpg Imp, km/l and l/100km. Convert litres per 100 kilometers to miles per gallon(UK) - fuel consumption converter.How to Convert Miles to Kilometers: 9 Steps (with Pictures) Categories: Conversion Aids In other languages: Espaol: convertir millas a kilmetros, Русский: конвертировать мили в километры, Italiano Converter. You are currently converting fuel consumption units from kilometer per litre to mile per gallon(US). 1 km/l 2.352145833 mpg.Convertidor kilmetros por litros en millas por kilmetro (США). Cuntas Millas Por Galn? El rendimiento de la gasolina te hace una gran diferencia en la cantidad de dinero que usted tenga en su billetera cada semana.Switching from a truck that gets 12 miles per gallon into a car that gets 36 miles per gallon can save you a huge amount of money. Velocidad: - Kilmetros por hora, Millas por hora, Metros por segundo y Nudos (kn). Presin: - Bar, Pa, kPa, mH20, inWC, atm. Consumo de combustible: - Kilmetros por litro, Millas por litro, Kilmetros por Galn, Litros cada 100 Km. Miles Driven: mi. Gallons of Gas: gal. Optional. Cost per Gallon: Miles per Day: Mi. per Gal.Check out our Conversion Software for Windows. Cant find something? Try searching. Miles Per Gallon Calculator - MPG Calc