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Question: Why does Find My iPhone fail to show accurate location? Answer: Find My iPhone accuracy compared to other location-tracking apps is very good. Chances are that you havent refreshed the location. Luckily theres a fast and simple way to find your iPhone without using iCloud or the Find My iPhone app.How accurate is the tracker? - With our iPhone tracker, youll see the location of your phone pinpointed to within 10 square meters. I used Find My iPhone app to track a friend.How can I tell if my friend is broadcasting their location from an iPad vers an iPhone? 0. Iphone 5S, GPS is not accurate. 0. When I had an iPhone 4, it was very accurate. I could find it with-in my house. Nothing else has changed. que pasa?Posted on Feb 3, 2015 9:46 AM. View answer in context. Q: find my iphone not very accurate. Hide Question. Helpful answers. The smaller that ring is, the more accurate your current location information is. correct current .My dad has lost his iphone so he logged into his account on my find my iphone app on my phone. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. How can I use the Find My iPhone app to track my spouse?Why is my iPhone saying not available at the carrier section? How accurate is the Apple Health app? Here are simple steps to follow to find your iPhone without an app Now you can see your icloud dashboard which shows various apps.Click on Find my iPhone icon in the iCloud dashboard.

technology is emerging, you can say that the location provided by the map is quite accurate. Tap Find My iPhone and change the setting to While Using the App.Pro tip: Want to know how accurate your Location Services are? Open the Maps app, and check for a blue ring around the blue dot that shows your current location. When I awoke in the middle of the night and checked her location with the Find My iPhone App it had her 15 to 20 miles inland.

I believe them to be pretty accurate, even in Chicago. A few months ago, I was in Chicago on business, on the morning I checked out of my hotel at the ritz, just off I would like to be able to "fake" my location from the Find my iPhone app.What Customers are Saying: Wonderful service, prompt, efficient, and accurate. Couldnt have asked for more. I cannot thank you enough for your help. The Find My iPhone application is a free download on the iOS App Store, and lets you locate the iOS devices or Macs on a map, send messages and pings to the devices, and even remotely wipe them of their data. Setting Up Find My Mac. You are downloading the Find My iPhone free - icloud 1.6.0 apk file for Android: With this app you can easily locate/track any iPhone/iPad/iMac/iPod Touch and view it on a Google Maps interface right on your Android device! If Find My Friends app isnt working on your phone, here are a few fixes. Aug. 31, 2017 by Elena Follow iMobieInc.If Find My Friends on your iPhone is not working, here in this post, we listed a few fixes for you.3 > Fix Find My Friends Location Not Accurate. Tap the Find My iPhone App on any Apple device, access iCloud service on Safari browser. Login using iCloud services credentials. Once logged in, you will be able to see that the devices being tracked with that particular iCloud account will automatically start update their location on the map. Find My iPhone: If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use any iOS device to find it and protect yourGet accurate latitude and longitude information on your position. The app uses your iPhones GPS to locate your coordinates accurately and Open the Find My iPhone app. If youre not on a device you own, tap Sign Out in the top right corner.

Then sign in with you Apple ID and passcode. Once youre signed in, youll see a list of all your devices. 4. Tap the Find My iPhone option at the bottom of your apps list.Its not accurate like the GPS. It used to be easy to dismiss the cellular connectivity in terms of cost, because you need to pay for the data plan and the modem. If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data. Simply install this free app on another iOS device, open it, and sign in with your Apple ID. I wonder if it is possible to create an ios app to check whether "Find My iPhone" is enabled or not in iCloud? Is there any way I can access this and get the info of it. Please help. It says it right when you start up the Find My iPhone app.Ive Googled the accuracy of the app, and the consensus is that its pretty accurate most of the time, but mistakes like showing up in another state are not uncommon. Once Find My iPhone is activated on a device, it is linked to that users Apple ID. The owner can then locate the iPhone, iPad or Mac by logging on to (on a Mac) or using the Find my iPhone app on an iPhone or iPad. The most common cause of this problem is improper setup of Find My iPhone on your device. Moreover, some settings may be prohibiting the app from fetching important data hence resulting in its inability to work. We were looking for an app that my GalaxyS7 would be MOST ACCURATE with the iCloud- Find my iPhone software,(being the fact that my phone is Android and his being Apple iPhone).You seriously did a great job on this successful application. Overall, I found the Find My iPhone app to be a good looking, and well performing overhaul to the original version. Lost Mode is simple, and easy to figure out, and most importantly, its accurate, and it works. Get the accurate mark of the coordinates your phone is at the moment.2.2 Android Device Manager. 2.3 Your Timeline by Google. 2.4 Find My iPhone. 2.5 Spam Installation Link. 3 Best Spy Apps with No Installation Required. The Find My iPhone app was recently made available for iPhone 4 running on iOS 4.2.Based on my experience, the app works pretty well. Tracking and locating my iOS devices is pretty accurate, thanks to the built-in GPS features of these devices. Note that location history uses Wi-Fi- and mobile signals rather than GPS, so it wont be as accurate as Android Device Manager. How to find a lost iPhone.Firstly, you can use the free Find My iPhone app on another Apple device to track your phone. So Your iPhone was Stolen? Open up the Find my iPhone app from either any other iOS device (you need to download it from the app store first), or log on to from a computer.Either way we found it, and the tracking was actually very accurate ( iPhone 4). Reply. This is a followup post to How to Find Your GPS Coordinates on an iPhone. I suggest you read that for a little context. In this post, I wanted to publish my resultsThe short version is this: your GPS signal is separate from all of these, so you can still get an accurate location from your iPhones Compass app. Apple users have the amazing option of Find My iPhone app.4 After making the selection, the app will start searching for the device and pinpoint the accurate location of the chosen device on a map if the search is successful. Download Find My iPhone application from iTunes store on a different device.If the phone is in motion, you will not receive any live updates. To know the accurate details, you will have to click the refresh button from time to time. But because there are no apps and Find My iPhone settings have been erased, there is no way for the device to phone home. The iPhone/iPad is not designed to be a persistent tracking mechanism, and as such operates within the limitations of its functionality. Open Find My iPhone on another device. Do so by launching the app on a mobileLaunch an Internet browser and navigate to the official website for the GPS tracking application you previously installed on your iPhone. If these services arent on, you wont be able to use the Find My iPhone website or app, since the service wont know what device to look for or how to contact it. For this reason, enable both features when you first set up your device. Setting Up A Child S Iphone Part 2 Practicalities, Get Help With Find My Iphone Apple Support, Find My Iphone App Locate Your Lost Iphone With Find My, Find My Iphone Search Ends In Violence Hackdig, Top 20 Free Iphone Apps Syncios Manager For Ios Android If youre not sure where to start, we can walk you through enabling Find My iPhone on all your devices as well as how to track them both on the web and through the Find My iPhone app! WHATS NEW. V1.2.3: Add Setup Instructions on Login Screen. V1.2.2.1: No more aggressive app promotion (it will appear less often). V1.2.2: Do not insert automatically anymore Add accuracy circle area for your device. This tutorial shows you how to disable Find My iPhone on iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS with iOS 7/6/5/4.Before restoring data back to your iPhone or to a new iPhone, please make sure you have disabled Find My iPhone on your iPhone. I tested three iPhone tracking apps--Apples Find My iPhone, GadgetTracks iPhone app, and SafetyWebs iHound--to see how well they worked.GadgetTrak was very accurate in locating my iPhone in most of my tests, accurately placing it in a nearby park, in a parked car, and on a street in Use your Apple ID and password to login to the portal and then click on Find My iPhone app.As far as location tracking is concerned then I will say that you cannot expect for the exact accurate location but you will get a suitable hint which can be searched. Find My iPhone is a very important feature of iOS 9, in some ways, it reduces the probability of phone stolen. However, if youre trying to restore your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s using iTunes, you will probably encounter the message that " Find my iPhone" must be turned off. If the Location Service is turned off, you may fail to check the accurate location of your iPhone.Using an app like Find My iPhone or Find My Mac offers you some comforts and relief because it increases the possibility of getting back your lost device. The most popular of all lost iPhone apps, Find My iPhone can pinpoint the exact location of the iPhone, lock the phone and even delete all data.The app also sends a series of highly accurate location reports that pinpoint the exact location. Besides the free iOS app Find My iPhone, an iOS device can be tracked using a web browser on a computer. This means that a lost iOS device can be found from virtually anywhere with just iCloud login credentials. So how to setup and use Find My iPhone? In this article we will look at the accuracy of the Find My iPhone app and what the various green circles mean in relation to finding your lost iPhone.Comments. 7 thoughts on How Accurate is Find My iPhone? Finding a lost iPhone. Once active, you can locate a device from the Find My iPhone app in iOS, or on any other platform.But the cues that iOS uses has let me pinpoint a device being at one end or the other of my narrow 40-foot long home—its not always accurate on top of our the map To use the Find my iPhone feature you can either log-in to iCloud from a desktop web browser or use the Find my iPhone app from a friends Apple device. It plots the location of your iPhone with quite a high degree of accuracy on Google Maps and you can refresh the map to follow its progress if its on June 21, 2010 by Kevin Whipps 1 Comment. To say that I pay 99 a year for MobileMe is not an accurate statement. I paid 99 back in 2008 when I got my first iPhone, andIts called Find My iPhone, and Apple has just released a mobile version of the app for the iPhone and iPad [iTunes link]. Apple users have the amazing option of Find My iPhone app.4 After making the selection, the app will start searching for the device and pinpoint the accurate location of the chosen device on a map if the search is successful. Find My iPhone is the inbuilt app included in your iPhone that helps you locate your phone should it happen to go missing. It is part of Apples software package and is a standard feature on all devices running iOS5 or higher, which is pretty much every iOS device.