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Samsung did a pretty good job on those chamfered edges and antenna bands built into the frame. They look just like Apples iPhone 5s design. The Galaxy Alpha looks like a smaller version of the Galaxy Note 3. While Apples iPhone 5s weighs 3 grams less with some smaller dimensions, Apples iPhone 6 is not quite as compact and also 14 grams heavier than the review sample.The stability of Samsungs Galaxy Alpha is on par with the good iPhones, and can also shine with an impeccable build. Samsung has also got its own processor in the form of the Exynos 5 5430 which is an Octa-core chip with four 1.8GHz Cortex-A15 cores and four 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 cores. The Galaxy Alpha runs on 2GB of RAM. Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 5S: Storage. Hi, We would just like to say a few words about our site below you will find 30 Images For Iphone 5s Vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha from our Images Galleries, If you are searching for Images then you have found the right website because Here at Compare Samsung Galaxy Alpha SM-G850A and Apple iPhone 5 32GB Phones, pros and cons, differences, side by side, specifications and features. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has finally been unveiled, and the timing and design make it clear that Samsung is gunning directly for Apples forthcoming iPhone 6. But how does the Samsung Galaxy Alpha stack up to Apples current flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S? However, the back case is still made of plastic, sporting a textured finish just like other Samsung smartphones and tablets. As you can see in the images below, the Galaxy Alpha is significantly thinner than the iPhone 5s, except for the bulkier, protruding rear camera. Anna Ok: IPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy Alpha?virus468: Samsung left it abit late to start producing metal phones. Miyashita shisuka: When? iphone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha iphone 6 plus vs galaxy note4 5555. Anna Ok: IPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy Alpha? Help.

A full comparison of specs between Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 5S including display, camera, battery, design, weight, software and more. Were out at IFA 2014 where Samsungs unveiled their second metal-framed phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But a few weeks before that saw the unveiling of the smaller and first metal phone in many years from Samsung: the Galaxy Alpha.By shivamanuja in forum iPhone 5s. decorative, blue, abstract, samsung vehicle, toyota, japan cars, pickup, toyota hilux. Minion Tim, Despicable Me 2 background for iPhone 5.

Cartoons. Anna Ok: IPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy Alpha? Help.Zoheb Bilal: iPhone better. virus468: Samsung left it abit late to start producing metal phones. Miyashita shisuka: When? iphone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha iphone 6 plus vs galaxy note4 5555. But how does the Samsung Galaxy Alpha stack up to Apples current flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S? We compare the two phones to see how the metal handsets match up. The Samsung Galaxy Alphas biggest talking point - indeed its very reason Apple. Samsung. Announced. September 2012.Related News. iOS 10 bricked my iPhone - Heres what to do to fix. iOS 10 is now available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is shaping up as more than just a good-looking smartphone. It is regarded as the companys answer to the phone which Apple is expected to launch in the very near future the iPhone 6, or whatever it ends up being called. Side by side technical and performance comparison between Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Apple iPhone 5s.Galaxy Alpha. iPhone 5s. Brand. Samsung. Physical Features and Call Quality The Galaxy Alpha is Samsungs high-quality, one-handed device. At 5.2 by 2.57 by 0.26 inches (HWD), its narrower and slimmer than the iPhone 6, and the same width as Motorolas cult-classic 2013 Moto X. This being Samsung Now I STILL the iPhone 5 because of this but now word literally falling apart needs a new forth! I am now thinking on whether I want to have 5s iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy Alpha Have you a clue? Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be offically sold on the market in September to compete with upcoming iPhone 6. You can find more interesting information in iPhone 5s Samsung Galaxy Alpha iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. iPhone 5S - Which Is Faster?iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha compared including camera performance both are compact smartphones from their respective companies and find out which is a better smartphone for you.My o. (Considering that the iPhone 5 is cheaper now, and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha recently dropped its price.) Im quite neutral between Android and Apple, so the both operating systems dont really bother me. Design The Galaxy Alpha has flat metal sides similar to the iPhone 5s. They are segmented by thin lines of plastic and bear a resemblance to Apples design scheme on the 5s. However, Samsungs smartphone is easier to hold thanks to its flared corners which offer better handling and prevent the Compare Apple iPhone SE with Samsung Galaxy Alpha: advantages and disadvantages of models. We compare the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha, two smartphones with flagship specs and 4.7-inch screens. The Galaxy Alpha even brings a metal frame to the Samsung family, making a comparison even more worthwhile not to mention Cat 6 LTE, 32GB internal memory and a Top specs and features. Apple iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha: 108 facts in comparison.The battery is removable and can be replaced by the user if broken. Apple iPhone 5S. Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Apple has long argued for the merits of a smartphone you can use one-handed, thats why the iPhone 5S grew taller, but not wider. The idea of a scaled down flagship isnt alien to the big Android OEMs, but Sony is the only one so far to avoid scaling down the specs when it shrank the phone Samsung Galaxy Alpha bit more, but it is convenient to apply, and it fits easily in your pocket. The fingerprint Scanners built into the home button on both phone, but the button on the iPhone 5s works with one touch from any angle The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been officially unveiled as Sammys first smartphone to be built with a metal frame. Yes the same sort Apple has been building its iPhones with for years. And yes this is a direct attack ahead of the iPhone 6 launch. With the iPhone 6s announcement imminent, Samsung is said to be coming through with a contingency plan in the form of the Galaxy Alpha.So, how does the Galaxy Alpha stack up against the iPhone 5s? Every time Samsung announces a plastic smartphone, throngs of fans beg the company to make something a bit more premium-feeling. With the new Galaxy Alpha, Samsung finally delivered sort of. Lets pit the partially metal Galaxy Alpha against the aluminum iPhone 5s. After years of research, billions of dollars, and countless hours of development, Samsung has finally landed upon the game changer in its race against Apple—a Galaxy smartphone with a metal frame. This latest iPhone killer is certainly nice to look at and has the specs to back it up—but were more Whats going on everyone, Mike here and in this post were having side by side the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Apple iPhone 5S. The latter needs no introduction, but the Alpha is the first of the long-awaited Samsung smartphones with a metallic body. Iphone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha Comparison Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first product of Samsung using metal fram with exquisite design like on iPhone 5S A full comparison of specs between Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 5S including display, camera, battery, designWe compare the Samsung Galaxy Alpha with the Apple iPhone 5s. I want to exchnge my samsung alpha with iphone 5s only. Srt is in very good condition and 100 ok. Everything is working perfectly. Which one is better? If you are eagerly to find out the differences between those two most important smartphones of 2014, take a look at the following sidebyside Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 6 comparison. The Galaxy Alpha is Samsungs concession to those who want real metal incorporated into the design. The result is a fantastic high-end Android phone with a mid-range screen. And it looks almost exactly like an iPhone. UHANS MX Cheap Bezel Less Smartphone! iPhone X Alternative! Published on 25 Sep 2014, 2:44. Galaxy Alpha vs. iPhone 5 iOS 8 Speed Test. Do you want your own special iOS / Android app review? Posted by Jason on Aug 20, 2014 in iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy.What do you think about the Galaxy Alphas design, too similar to the iPhone, or different enough? To see the entire set of 3D renderings, head over to this link. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 might be the biggest Samsung — and pretty much Android as a whole — challenger to the iPhone when it comes to outright sales, recent weeks have seen a new contender emerge from the Korean phone maker The Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The first set of images compares the Alpha with the iPhone 5s, the images below pit it against my concept model of the iPhone 6. I think they managed to borrow enough from Apple but still keep it very Samsung-ish Yesterday, Samsung took the wraps off its latest addition to the Galaxy smartphone line up, the Galaxy Alpha. The company is calling it "theGiven the smartphones specs, choice of material for the frame and display size, the Galaxy Alpha happens to be a worthy competitor to Apples year-old iPhone 5s. Look for Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5 comparsions - our Alpha probably (Id say 90) has the same camera sensor dumbed down to 12MP.Unlocking all Samsung on Z3X Box for free. Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Posted: 13 Aug 2014 Market Status: Released.Apple iPhone 5s. Posted: 10 Sep 2013 Market Status: Released. PhoneArena rating Samsung Galaxy Alpha official images. The Galaxy Alpha we are reviewing is based on the companys latest Exynos chipset, tailored to itsThe screen size hits right where the new iPhone and the Xperia Z1 Compact successor are supposedly aiming at - a more manageable 4.

7-inch diagonal. We put the Android 5.1 Galaxy Alpha to the test against the iOS 7 iPhone 5s to find out which you should buy, the older Samsung or the Apple.PhoneRocket Review Our evaluation of Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 5s. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is an Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics. Unveiled on 13 August 2014, the device was released in September 2014. A high-end device, the Galaxy Alpha is Samsungs first smartphone to incorporate a metallic frame To compete with iPhone 6 speculated success, Samsung has to come up with a backup plan i.e. Samsung Galaxy Alpha! With numerous leaks, it is rumored that Samsung will unveil this device, adorned with metal edges (as seen in iPhones), quite soon. Anna Ok: IPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy Alpha?NoIceOnParadise: how is the battery life of the galaxy alpha compared to the iphone 5s. : samsung Alpha is the good size, 5s is too small, 6 is too big. Please if you have Samsung ALPHA or Iphone 5S Kindly drop your last price ASAP. serious seller only.