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HttpSessionState.Timeout Property. .NET Framework (current version).The following code example sets the timeout session attribute to 30 minutes in the Web.config file. Problem: An ASP.NET 2.0 web application needs to detect a session timeout condition so that the user can be redirected to a different page and / or an error message is displayed. When youre working with the ASP.NET Session, its important to remember that the session can timeout.This function runs a JavaScript function at set times. This means I can use jQuerys .post method at set intervals to update one session object. How-to prevent sessions from timing out in prevent-session-timeout-aspnet/ - CachedProgrammer Ramblings: ASP.NET Session Timeout Control with . . Setting Up Session Timeout in Web.config Javascript How to Detect Tab key is pressed by User in C VB.Net. Center Middle the Aspx Content Page DIV based web page C VB. Net . Like Tweet Pin it Share Share Email. Prevent Session Timeout in [VB].[/sourcecode] All this code does is, build a simple javascript function and its called from server side.The works like this,- Gets the current session timeout duration. Notification - Session Timeout Notification. Your Session will expire in 2 minutes. Notification will be shown in: 60 seconds.Following these steps will let you avoid using the lenghty JavaScript used to create the beautiful timers in this demo. Recently (Not so long ago, more like 10 mins ago) my asked me to automatically redirect the user to the login screen after session is expired.So, next method is using Javascript and thanks to this blog. automatic-redirect-upon- session-timeout-using-javascript/. Im kind of a newbie to ASP.NET/AJAX and this seems like its more complicated.On the page hosting the silverlight control, you could setup a javascript timer and do an ajax call to an Http Handler (.ashx) every 5 minutes to keep the session alive. Are there any other methods that could increase session time out that overrides IIS timeout setting?It simply maintains the session alive by sending HTTP requests to the server at regular intervals to prevent IIS from bringing the AppDomain down. Tags: javascript session response httpresponse.Essentially I want to be able to catch when a user lets their session timeout and then clicks on something that ends up causing an Async postback. Instead of using the ajax library though i simply used a xhtml request directly. nothing is really needed more than a timed javascript call to a get on the heartbeat page. Technically due to asp. net session timeout your user should not be logged out. Monday, May 28, 2007. Prevent Session Timeout in ASP.NET.I have tried solutions such as making JavaScript alert the user to click a button or refresh page, but this has restrictions, especially if they are not able to submit the form yet due to required field limitations.