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Submitting your podcast to iTunes. Click Submit. If you get an error, respond accordingly.The approvals process can vary weve heard of times where its taken a couple of hours, but it may also take anything up to two weeks. To submit your podcast to iTunes, go to the podcast section of the iTunes store. On the right menu bar, click Submit a PodcastOur Director of Campaign Strategy Corey Dilley recently wrote a post outlining the brief process that Unbounce uses for each of their campaigns. Googles approval process is automatic and takes less time than Apples. Getting onto 3rd party podcast apps. Once youre listed in iTunes, youll be indexed by 3rd party apps like Overcast. Setting your podcast up on iTunes will open your show up to a much larger pool of subscribers than you might find otherwise.Like pretty much anything that goes through Apple, podcasts have to go through a review process before they are approved for inclusion in the iTunes Music Store. Youll receive an email saying your podcast is in the process of being approved.iTunes rescans podcasts about once a day, so your latest episode may not show immediately on subscribers machines. Once youve filled out all the recommended tags, youre ready to submit your podcast to iTunes. Just click Submit, Apple will begin the review process.Once you get your approval email, your podcast will be available in iTunes! Browse other questions tagged itunes podcasts opml or ask your own question. asked. 8 years, 4 months ago.Signal Processing. Emacs. Raspberry Pi.

Get now the Best podcasts in iTunes, including, Overcast: Podcast Player, Podcast Chart and 11 other top solutions suggested and ranked by the Softonic Solutions user community in 2018.Your question is currently in the approval process. How I can minimize approval time of my iOS apps/updates in iTunes connect?Xcode process launch failed: Security. 220. My prerelease app has been processing for over a week in iTunes Connect, what gives? This leaves my final process pretty straightforward, and highlighted in the graphic below: The final question I want to answer is Should I Start a Podcast?.Took me 4 days to get iTunes approval, but I foolishly applied right before the Thanksgiving Day weekend doh. Anyway, just thought Id say Once iTunes approves your podcast, you have eight weeks to make an impression in the New and Noteworthy section the coveted spotGet the exact process we used to plan, launch, record, edit, and distribute a podcast that hit 1 on the Business charts and New and Noteworthy in just a week. Start iTunes on your computer and go to the iTunes store.

Click on Podcasts in the menu, and then click the Submit a Podcast link in the sidebar.this is the procedure but the approval process is totally managed by the Apple team. When you say I want to get my podcast on iTunes, this is what you mean: you want to get in this directory.If you self-host your podcast, or use another podcast host, the process is similar, albeit possibly not as streamlined and simplified: Your ultimate goal is to create a valid RSS feed with all the Open the podcast in iTunes and Subscribe. Open up the podcast page by clicking this link.A duplicate of this checklist template will be added to your Process Street account. Step 4: With your iTunes account open, you will go to the iTunes Store. At the top of the iTunes Store menu, click Podcasts.Recap: To post a podcast to iTunes you need to record a podcast and create an RSS feed before submitting via iTunes. While for many iTunes podcast users, creating or downloading iTunes podcasts is still a hard thing to do. If you want to create a podcast, download iTunes podcast or transfer iTunes podcast to computer or other portable iOS/Android devices, then you are in the right place. Spreaker stats, getting into iHeartRadio and iTunes, running a podcast network, and more podcasting QA Podcasting questions answered: 1. Scott Orr: Our podcasts are hosted on Spreaker.It is supposed to launch today so hopefully it gets to that approval process through iTunes! Im starting my radio show next month I am thinking to make a podcast for it as well on iTunes. After many tutorials and articles, I failed to know how to connect my podcast to iTunes. Can you help me and guide me on how to do so? Troublesome Radio is Now on ITUNES! Apple is a little slow on updating the main image, and its classified as EXPLICIT, but I can live with both of those.As a result, I had to rip every one of my podcasts down, convert the file type, and then re-upload to Soundcloud. With podcasts inside of iTunes, even if you unsubscribe from a podcast, the podcast episodes and entry in the sidebar will remain until you take steps to delete the podcast from iTunes on your Mac. Fortunately, this should be a very easy process . Is making podcasts on iTunes free? You make a PodCast on your own computer using GarageBand or something similar.The approval process can take a week or longer depending upon how many submissions Apple has to work through. Complete the iTunes form and save your changes. Step 6: Submit to Apple for Approval. Now that your podcast is ready, lets submit it to the iTunes Store.We build bespoke solutions that use the capabilities and the features of Google Apps (G Suite) for automating business processes and driving Publishing a podcast on iTunes is surprisingly easy, and should take even the novice no more than an hour to set up.Step 6: Submit to Apple for Approval. Now that your podcast is ready, you can easily submit it to the iTunes Store. All the information about your podcast in iTunes (title, descriptions, episode, cover art, copyright, etc.) is pulled from your RSS feed.The image file needs to be smaller than 512 KB for iTunes to be able to process it. Once you have some content that you would like to contribute to ND on iTunes U, you will need to go through the proper approval process.6. Follow best practices for creating your podcast files so they will work successfully when uploaded to the ND on iTunes U site. You will then get an approval email from iTunes. This can take 3-7 business days.We made screenshots like this to illustrate the process. Step Six: FOLLOW UP with your team and supporters.iTunes updates podcast rankings a few times a day. Your podcast is reviewed by iTunes staff before it goes live in the iTunes Store. If it is approved, you will receive another email, which includes a link to your podcast.The iTunes Store servers must first index your podcast, a process which can take up to 24 hours. Once you have submitted your podcast to iTunes, the amount of time until it will be available depends on the iTunes review process. You can check the status of your submission in Podcasts Connect. Podcast iTunes. Post navigation. Spring Forward Apple Media Event March 2015.Stitcher takes you through an approval process. It took a few day, required a link to stitcher on the website before approval. The beauty of using iTunes (and the Podcast app for iOS) is that by subscribing, each time theres a new episode from your favorite podcaster, youll automatically get it!Home » Quick Tips » How to Write an iTunes Podcast Review. Browse other questions tagged itunes podcasts podcasts-app or ask your own question. asked.iTunes sync process. 1. How do I convince iTunes to play a podcast item Ive manually replaced. 5. Trying to understand how podcast syncing works in iOS 6. After approval from iTunes, the podcast is published on iTunes and available for subscription on iTunes for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I create a podcast based on my blog Edit: Since Podcast Addict v2.3 you can subscribe to iTunes podcasts.In that case, if all you have is the iTunes Url, you wont be able to subscribe to that podcast in Podcast Addict, because the app only supports RSS feeds. Part 2. Download Podcasts without iTunes. Part 3. How to Transfer Podcasts to iPhone, iPad and iPod with TunesGo.Though iTunes provides you a great solution for you to sync podcasts to iPhone, it will erase the available podcasts on your iPhone during the syncing process. My two podcasts (one audio, one video) took about a day to three days before approval on Itunes.Because an actual human handles this approval process, timing is different but I doubt it will take longer than a few days. In order for a new show to appear in the iTunes store, the show first needs to be submitted to the iTunes store for approval.November 8, 2017 Stats Processing Delay Display Issue. November 1, 2017 RSS Feed and Podcast Page Issues. How long does it take for iTunes to approve a podcast submission? iTunes takes between 24 hours to 14 days to approve a podcast. The times vary because they have real people look over and approve the show. Q: iTunes Podcast Approval Time. Hello, I submitted my podcast on 12/22. It is now 1/5. I received an email saying Dear podcast ownerYou need to set each file not to download. eiznem has posted the process I will use our podcast as the example. If you listen to the Monkeys Fighting Robots podcast, thank you so much for helping to support the show by subscribing and leaving a rating and review in iTunes. The reviews help improve the shows ranking in iTunes, so it is easier for new listeners to find it. Ill show you the exact process: Contents. Upload Your Podcast Episode. Publish Show Notes (Optional). Submit Your RSS Feed To iTunes.Click Submit. It can take a few weeks for Apple to approve your podcast, but Ive seen it approved in a few days. 45. How Long Does Itunes Podcast Approval Take? 46. What Is Apple Itunes Podcast?Processed time: 0.

04 secs. We give you a simple and clear step by step process to get your podcast in iTunes.How do I publish a podcast on iTunes? Thats a question I often hear from new podcasters. Im guessing thats why youre here too. For people with iPods, podcasts are a popular way to get news or stay current with their favorite artists. iTunes makes podcasts easily accessible to everyone, so getting your podcast listed on the service will give you more subscribers than ever before.Wait for approval. In this video, Im going to show you three ways to request the removal of your podcast from iTunes.The second option is to email Ive tried this a couple of times with the clients Ive worked with and have had success in getting a person to respond and actually process my request. After you submit your podcast to iTunes. All podcasts submitted to iTunes are moderated. The process can take up to 10 days, though most submissions are approved within 3 days and on occasion only a few hours. When youre ready to submit a podcast to iTunes, you need to have your podcast totally set up and ready for listeners. iTunes submission is really the last step in the overall process (think about it like publishing a book and shipping it to bookstores). Your post will be automatically removed and need approval. This is a community, and not just a place to drop your link without interacting with anyone.What link do you promote (iTunes, Stitcher, podcast website)? The latest Tweets from iTunes Podcasts (iTunesPodcasts).iTunesPodcasts. Follow ApplePodcasts, the official podcasts account from Apple. Joined January 2016. This accounts Tweets are protected. How to Submit a Podcast to iTunes via Podcasts Connect. This process assumes that youve already created your podcast RSS feed. If you havent, dont worry, because there are lots of ways to do so. 3. Promote your podcast on social media. Dont just promote it the instant its released start a buzz about it yourself. Talk about the process of creation and why youre excited about it.4. Add your iTunes podcast URL to your signature. Do you belong to forums? Membership sites?