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How to get the window.opener object into a model window. Request.getParameter is NULL from form submit. Problem with window.close and Im using the javascript window.opener property to refresh the parent window in the child window.The problem is with window.opener because is NULL when the user open the link using the right click (contextmenu). The opener property corresponds to the window that opens the window.newWin.document.writeln(

opener.close()window.openernull". window.opener works fine in both IE and Firefox as long as Open in New Tab is used from the right-click menu Error console says window.opener is null. Is there any other way the opener can be accessed? in Firefox its working but in IE window.opener null . Reason is cross domain . if Third party URL is in current domain then it works fine but if its cross domain windowReference gets null to get it working i have to change Internet Settings->Security->Check Enabled its almost impossible to do at every client The action references the opener window, removes a few elements from a hidden element and then immediately repopulates those elements with updated values based on that action.

window.opener.(divhiddenShiftAbbrList).append(newDiv) I am opening paypal After payment redirecting back my (in window), would like close popup null associating extensions wrong software program. Iso-2022-jp? JavaScript - Opener Is Null? window.opener.location is null. after redirection because as the child window changes, the popup looses the information about the opener.window.opener is removed whenever you navigate to a different host (for security reasons), there is no way around it. Window.opener is removed whenever you navigate to a different host (for security reasons), there is no way around it. The only option should be doing the payment in a frame if it is possible. The top document needs to stay on the same host. TLDR If window.opener is set, a page can trigger a navigation in the opener regardless of security origin.To prevent pages from abusing window.opener, use relnoopener. This ensures window.opener is null in Chrome 49 and Opera 36. When Im opening the child page and use the below code. window.opener .document.forms(0).abcd.value is null or not an object. 1. JavaScript code: alert(window.opener.document) 2. 3. What is the expected result? What happens instead?Issue: Not able to get Parent window related field values. Working Code: alert( window.opener.document) For years I have been using the JavaScript "window.opener.location.reload()" to refresh a parent window when a popup window has made changes to a database. I hoped I could refresh selectively using jQuery. in my v2 plugins i would call window.opener.location"somwthing" and then close the popup. now with the new v3 this does not work. window.opener is null. So how do i access either a function in the main editor page or get to the window.opener? Hi sir, I developed one application that gets the value from popup window[PickCustCode.aspx] and has to return the value to the parent window[invoice.aspx]. I put the below line it is throwing error like window.opener.document.Invoice is null or not an object. This works in other browsers, the problem is only in Internet Explorer. The developer is going to be fixing it, eventually. Id like to try and fix it now so it at least works on my site. The error is. window.opener.document is null or not an object. You want to open a window to perform authentication and close that window when it succeeds or fails, instead of redirecting the user out of your site temporarily.Problem The page from your site thats inside the popup cannot access its opener because its now null. Window.opener (Property). A reference to the window that contained the link that opened this one.This allows you to build a hierarchy of parent and child windows. A window has a null value for this property if the window was opened directly by the user. The opener property is useful so that a newly created window can refer to variables and functions defined in the window that created it.var newwin open() if (newwin ! null newwin.opener null) newwin. opener self For opening modal window my code is: var ActionTest function (e) e.preventDefault()window.opener. both are null. This is really strange to me, because divModalHolder is part of the website, where popup is opened. New failing tests: fast/dom/Window/window-opener-set-to-null.html.I dont see test coverage for the case where we first have opener reflecting > > the real opening, then set it to "foo" and then set it to null. Open the console in the Microsoft window that has been opened. Type: window.opener then youll get undefined. This happens in 38.14393.0.0 and theres no problem with version like 25.10586. 0.0. And in IE7, window.opener is null, whereas it works fine in FF. Any ideas what can be wrong? Or any workaround? Thanks. Window Opener - Duration: 0:29. Access Automation Ltd 1,577 views.SOON INDUSTRIAL - Automatic window opener with remote control - KST-A01 linear actuator - Duration: 1:01. window.opener.aeObjects.1 is null or not an object. In Firefox, it must be siomilar but dont know where to see that error If you get the Firebug extension, itll be very helpful for debugging. close() return false aspx: Hide Copy Code. opener ! null !window. Если такого окна нет, то window. Jul 18, 2012 Here is my issue:(This is the issue related to IE 8. opener null I hope you see prevent-window-opener-attacks. opener. Second parameter location.href of abc.moc. Window.opener.postMessage("redirect.html", Window.opener.location.href) //. Hello, Ive been trying to find something about why window.opener doesnt work for IE (Im using 6. 0) when I use the window.opener in a separate JavaScript file.

function closeWindow4041 123 if 40newWindow!null41 123 Discuss window.opener.location.reload() error in the JavaScript Development forum on Dev Articles. window.opener.location.reload() error JavaScript Development forum discussing the use ofLine: 7 Char: 3 Error: window.opener.location is null or not an object. here are my pages. am able to open the popup and when i am clicking the button in child window to send some data to parent window, that time only am getting the error " window.opener is null" and the child window is not closing.error-window-opener-is-null-or-not-an-object.html copy.or depending on how deep is the section which opens the pop up you might use more than one parent: For example : window.parent.parent.opener. if(window.opener.length0) gives errors. Any ideea how to check if an opener exists?function testParent1() if (window.opener ! null !window.opener.closed) alert(openStr) else alert(closeStr) And in such case we can access the parent page controls using JavaScript window.opener instance.if (window.opener ! null !window.opener.closed). var txtName window.opener.document.getElementById("txtName") var parentOpener window.opener window.opener null,"blank") window.opener parentOpener Прочитайте этот ответ в контексте 0. rocknbil: What legacy are you referring to with document.location? Ive always seen and used window.location, and neither is in any formal spec. This was used to hide Javascript from unsupported browsers.