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1:10. Los Angeles Driver Drives Down Busy Road In Reverse. 1:47.2,328,827 views 1 comments. David Letterman emerged from retirement to deliver a scathing Top Ten list directed at one of his favourite targets: Donald Trump. David Letterman, whos been lying pretty low since leaving The Late Show, returned to the stage to make fun of Donald Trump in spectacular fashion.Letterman was prepared for the occasion, though, and he pulled out one of his famous Top Ten lists to read. David Lettermans Top Ten Interesting Facts About Donald Trump. 10. That thing on his head was the gopher from Caddyshack.1. Thanks to Donald Trump, the Republican mascot is also an a--. On a mobile device? Watch the video here. Heres David Lettermans final Top 10 list."Donald Trump wants all Americans to know that that thing on his head is free range," he said on stage. Watch below for an apparent video of the event posted by YouTube user Jeanie Engler. David Letterman slammed Donald Trump in a new Top 10 list. John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images Mike Pont/WireImage.David Letterman came out of retirement for a surprise performance on Friday, July 10. Videos. Reviews.Letterman crashed a Steve Martin/Martin Short performance on Friday night in San Antonio, Texas, to read one of his top-10 lists, this one devoted to Trump.I like this: David Letterman, Pop-Up Comedian.

Former Late Show host David Letterman thinks he may have retired a little too early.More Livewire. WSJ: Michael Cohen Paid Off Porn Star To Stay Mum On Trump Sex Allegations 10 hours ago. Yknow how 2 was frequently better than 1 with Daves Top 10s?David Letterman -- And the Number One Thing To Do in Retirement (PHOTO). Donald Trump -- NBC Needs to Worry About Lying Brian Williams (VIDEO). Just when you thought youd never see Dave deliver a top 10 list again, the comedian decided to call out Donald Trump on his presidential bid and controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants.A big comedy night for Marty and me in San Antonio. Surprise guest, David Letterman. More Videos. Watch David Letterman Come Back for a Top 10 List on Donald Trump.Videos. The Goods.

If youre like me, you miss David Letterman and his Top Ten list. Last night, an audience member at a show at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Texas took this video of David Letterman, Martin Short and Steve Martin andBehold David Lettermans Top Ten Interesting Things About Donald Trump. News. Video. Music. Politics. TV. Movies. Video Games.David Letterman made a surprise visit to Martin Short and Steve Martins A Very Stupid Conversation stage show FridayLetterman topped off his surprise Top Ten list with, "Thanks to Donald Trump, the Republican mascot is also an ass." Video. Awards.David Letterman is back already! Just months after retiring as host of the Late Show, the 68-year-old comedian reprised his beloved " Top 10" segment at the expense of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Since retiring after 33 years on the late night television, David Letterman has kept a low public profile — aided by the growth of a truly impressive beard. But that doesnt mean he hasnt been as fixated on politics as the rest of us. And, with that, Letterman pulled out a Top 10 List of interesting facts about the man who thinks most Mexicans are rapists.Donald Trump Videos, David Letterman Videos, LOL Videos, Celebrity Gossip Videos. David Letterman popped out of retirement last night to join Steve Martin and Martin Short on stage in San Antonio, where he read off a Top Ten List made for Donald Trump.Watch the video below: [h/t Rolling Stone] [image via screengrab]. David Letterman calls Indiana Governor Mike Pence "an undeniably handsome man" but of the "religious freedom" bill adds "Somethings gone haywire.Donald Trump Woke Up Screeching WITCH HUNT! on Twitter This Morning10 hours ago. David Letterman Blasts Donald Trump With a Surprise Top 10 List.Posted by Steve Martin on Friday, July 10, 2015. Watch Daves new top 10 list above, then catch up on the latest viral videos. David Letterman made a one-off return to show business with a surprise Top 10 list about Donald Trump on Friday, July 10.I am so happy to be out of the house, Letterman, sporting a beard, said before launching into his set, which can be seen in the video below. Apparently the jokes associated with Donald Trump running for president are so good that David Letterman is kicking himself for retiring too soon. The former late night talk show host temporarily un-retired for just one night to deliver a Donald Trump Top 10 list for the ages. Video.Donald Trump is such an insanely easy target that David Letterman could not resist coming back for one more Top 10 list. David Letterman is letting his feelings be known on Donald Trump in a upcoming interview, the first he has done since leaving his eponymous showIts just hes despicable, says Letterman. Scroll down for videos.He then proceeded to deliver one of his famed Top 10 lists, this one of Trump put-downs. Letterman and Trump were frequent sparring partners over the course of Lettermans show. Topics: comedy, david letterman, Donald Trump, Entertainment, Politics, top 10, Television, Video. Watch David Letterman Come Out of Retirement for Donald Trump Top 10 List.He then went on to read from the Top Ten Interesting Facts About Donald Trump. It was all caught on video by an audience member who posted it on YouTube. Former Late Show host David Letterman took a break from retirement this weekend to roast Republican candidate Donald Trump.He then revealed a Top Ten List of interesting facts about the real estate mogul.Featured video sponsored. David Letterman Mocks Donald Trump With Special Top 10 List — Watch.David Letterman came out of retirement just to blast the presidential candidate with a brutal top 10 list at Martin Short and Steve Martins comedy show on July 10. You guys are gonna love this: Its The Late Late Show Top 10 List! READ MORE: Stephen Colbert Crashes Republican Convention to Deliver Anti- Trump Hunger Games Parody Speech. The segments intro video, with the original The Late Show With David Letterman logo David Letterman must have been thinking, I retired too soon. With all the material presidential candidate Donald Trump has been serving up, the former Late Show host apparently couldnt resist coming up with a Top 10 list. Last night in San Antonio Here is the video of David Letterman delivering a Donald Trump-themed Top 10 List during a surprise appearance at Steve Martin and Martin Shorts live show in San Antonio, Texas. Trump: I Brought back david letterman.At the San Antonio stop on Steve Martin and Martin Shorts comedy tour, the recently-retired "Late Show" host popped up to read one final Top 10 list: Interesting Facts About Donald Trump.Top Videos. You are here: Home » Video » David Letterman Destroys Donald Trump in Top 10 List, Regrets Retirement. 181 videos Play all Popular Late Show Top Ten List David Letterman videosLate Show Top Ten List - Topic.Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments - Duration: 8:36. Among the "Top 10 interesting facts about Donald Trump" that Letterman shared? "If president, instead of pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving, he plans to evict a family on Thanksgiving." Check out a fan-shot video of Lettermans appearance here 10:42 AM 06/10/2016. Pinterest. Reddit.TOP. David Letterman said he thinks Donald Trump is despicable.(RELATED: Youre Going To Want To Watch David Lettermans Last Opening Monologue [ VIDEO]). David Letterman is back with a Top 10 list for Trump.Photos: Donald Trumps rise. Trump apologizes in a video, posted to his Twitter account in October, for vulgar and sexually aggressive remarks he made a decade ago regarding women. Curious about the top three facts? Check out Lettermans complete list in the video below. TAG. David Letterman, Top 10 List, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Interesting Facts About Donald Trump. David Letterman took a break from the complacency of his retirement on Friday for one more Top 10 list — aimed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.Check out the video of the performance above. LIVE: Watch MSNBC. TV Schedule. Search Videos.Funnyman David Letterman reveals he may have retired too early.The Donald Trump-themed Top 10 list was revealed during a surprise appearance on Martin Short and Steve Martins A Very Stupid Conversation show in San Antonio VIDEO: Cop Shoots Suspect Outside Dallas Airport Baggage Claim. David Letterman is no fan of Donald Trump. In a preview of his interview with Tom Brokaw, which airs Sunday, the retired "Late Show" host hadWatch the clip above and see Lettermans scathing "Top 10" on Trump below. Jun 10th 2016 9:44AM. David Letterman may be out of the late-night wars, but hes also still as outspoken as ever — youBush read the Top Ten list poking fun at what he might do if elected.Also Read:David Letterman: I Dont Know Why They Didnt Give My Show to a Woman ( Video).

David Letterman made a post-retirement appearance by surprising Steve Martin with this Donald Trump themed Top Ten list.Check out the full appearance below. Share This Video. Facebook. Twitter. Letterman then proceeded to tick off one of his famous Top 10 lists, listing ten interesting facts about the bombastic businesman.Thanks to Donald Trump, the Republican mascot now is also an ass. Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Jeanie Engler David Letterman came out of retirement this weekend to deliver a brand-new top 10 list inspired by the surging presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.Amateur video shows David Letterman appearing in San Antonio with Steve Martin and Martin Short. Video. Newsletters.David Letterman couldnt resist coming out of retirement for at least one night to poke fun at Donald Trump. The former Late Night host pulled out his signature Top 10 Lists called "Interesting Facts About Donald Trump." David Letterman delivers Trump Top 10 list 1:28.Overwatch backers push pro video games as big-league esports spectacle. Hedley allegations put spotlight on music industry in wake of MeToo. TOP VIDEOS.Some things are more important than retirement. David Letterman was called back into action this weekend with a brand-new Top Ten List inspired by the recent presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Embed this Video. Add this Tweet to your website by copying the code below.Hello person who decided to look up Trumps first tweet.Replying to realDonaldTrump. What were the top ten that night. David Lettermans hobby since retiring from his CBS late show in May appears to have been growing a beard, but theThe highlight of his appearance was his presentation of a top 10 facts about Donald Trump. An audience member caught it on her cell phone camera and posted the video on YouTube usa youtube crash and comedy videos, Top 10 Most Memorable David Letterman Moments - Usa Youtube videos.by Dupster1234 8 years ago. Donald Trump on David Letterman 17 Octob David Letterman lured back into the spotlight by Donald Trump. Play Video - 0:37.With that, he read out the Top 10 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump, which included: 10. That thing on his head was the gopher in "Caddyshack."