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Learn about the essential camera gear and lenses as well as best practices for becoming a concert photographer.Im learning a lot, and so will you. No spam, ever. d bloggers like this If you are shooting Lifestyle or Documentary images - in other words capturing your everyday life - which lens is the best for you to use?The 50mm Lens is a camera bag staple, and rightly so due to its huge versatility. Best Cameras for Bloggers. Looking for a new camera for your blog?What about lenses? Honestly, if I were you, I would just buy the camera body for either of these DSLRs and then buy a 50mm f/1.8 lens instead of paying for the lens it comes with, called a kit lens. Sharp, fast, good bokeh. The lens will focus even if the camera wont (ZING!).Photoshelter presents The Eight Best Camera Lenses Ever. The 1200mm f/5.6 No Officer Its Not A Rocket Launcher has appeared previously on JRE. Best iPhone Camera accessories for wannabe video bloggersSpecial Mention : Moment Lens is another company which makes similar lenses for the iPhone. iographer. Its also true a high quality lens will make a huge difference in the quality of your images . Youve invested in a camera, now its time to invest in some lenses.This guide will help you to learn how to choose the best camera lenses. The kit lens included with most DSLR cameras is more than enough for beginner photography. However, once you get more advanced, you might want to upgrade your 18-55mm lens for additional clarity and more focused, sharp photos. Which all-purpose lens is best? Besides, a high quality lens can have an amazing effect on your photos, even if you dont own the best camera. The same thing goes for lensesHi Heather, there are some amazing bloggers such as Green Kitchen Stories, KRAUT KOPF, and Minimalist Baker that use the 50mm f1.

2, so you can Camera lenses that you should buy. Sigma 150-500mm Recommended for travel bloggers.15 Blogging Cameras For Your Blog. Should I Use WordPress Or A Website Builder? Better Platform For Blogging Out Of TypePad Or WordPress? Are you looking for the best photo camera lens for your smart phone? Look no further than the Moment Lenses.Many people consider the Moment Lens to be the best photo camera lens on the market. Best Cameras for Bloggers / Affordable dSLR Cameras.

The best camera gear for travel. Everything you need for pictures when youre travelling. From the camera body, to lenses, to tripods. Travel bloggers share the best cameras for blogging that produce high quality images.Our camera gear includes DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses that are pricey, not easy to transport and require time and effort to master. If youre looking into buying lenses, I would recommend learning the basic manual settings of your camera first, as it will help youI would thoroughly recommend this lens for fashion bloggers as it makes a really lovely soft focus if youre standing a little way away from your background. We review the top cameras for bloggers and compare what kind of camera YouTubers use for their fashion food blogs.5 The lens: Given that most of your footage will be recorded at close quarters its important to buy a vlogging camera with a lens thats suitable for good video quality Q: Whats the CCTV security camera lens mm meaning? How can I choose a best security camera lens?To get the best picks of security camera lens, it is important to gain an insight into the CCTV camera lens types and comparison first. The camera has a fixed 23m f/2 lens. In a 35mm format that is the equivalent of a 35mm lens. For blogging purposes, the 35mm gives a great viewpoint.Related Post: Fashion Blogger? Find the BEST Cameras for Fashion Blogging . Action cams are the best fit for bloggers who want to do vlogging on the move, whether its capturing their adventures or putting viewers in a first person point of view. Cameras that require interchangeable lenses are not for the faint of heart. And this will lead to the questions: What is the best camera for food blogger? What is the best lens for food photography? . If you are photography addicted like me, you will be inspired by the talent of food photographers with their stunning moment that they captured with food. Hes given me the low down on what he uses and what he recommends for bloggers. So, together we present to you today an ultimate camera guide for bloggers!It offers good protection and holds just what we need (one large DSLR camera body plus 3 lenses). What is the Best Camera For Fashion Lifestyle Blogging? Read the NEW 2018 GUIDE HERE! Cameras, Lenses lots of additional optionsWell, Ive answered these questions and talked about cameras time and again, so its time for Lacey and Pearls Best Camera in the World for Bloggers! One good photo lens for iPhone is the Roadeavour photo lens. Reasonable price. But good built quality.Wonderful post, you have shared the best information about smartphone camera phone lenses. What is the perfect camera lens for my new Canon EOS Rebel camera for travel? What camera lens should I pair with my Nikon D7100 for family photography?The best all-around lenses you can buy for your Canon EOS Rebel or Nikon DX-format Cameras. The 4 Best Lenses for Amazing Lens Flare.My quest of capturing compelling and distinctive images always returns back to finding the right lens. The camera bodies continually change and improve but a lens can be used forever. The lens (aff. link) is1- Get a camera lens that make things work better (I still keep it on automatic) It works great for food craft shots, when you want the back to be blurry, but the front to be sharp. Ive tried Lumoid and BorrowLenses for lens rentals but I prefer Lumoid since their rates are better and they give you credit to use towards purchases in theWhile bloggers galore talk about how great their 50mm lenses are you should check to see what kind of camera that they are using because its Everything is Seen Through the Lens. I would focus on investing in a good lens. Camera models get updated every year, but new lens models are developed at much lower frequency. Fisheye iPhone Camera Lens: Fisheye lenses create dramatic spherical images, with darkened corners and distorted lines.Olloclip is one of the best-known iPhone camera lens brands. They offer a range of lens kits aimed at different kinds of photographer. Unless you rent, investing How to Seriously Start Your Blogger and YouTuber Career When Youre a College Student Gaekon Blog - [] can invest in GoPro Hero 4, Canon PowershotThe 10 Best Canon and Nikon Lenses for Portrait Photography. The 7 Best DSLRs/Mirrorless Cameras for Video. Before you spend money to rent a DSLR camera and a lens for your product photography, consider using the quality camera that you carry around withRemove The Background is the leading product image editing service for internet retailers, bloggers, designers, photographers, and webmasters. Todays video is all about the easy camera lens combo that everyone can start out with! this affordable combination is perfect for fashion/ personal style Being that this was the first solar eclipse passing through the Continental US since 1979, excitement ran wild on capturing this natural event using the best camera gear available.We warned everyone in a blog post to buy a solar filter for your lens, and also sent out mass emails and fliers explaining Best Camera Lenses for Bloggers. When it comes to lenses, Canon, not surprisingly, has a wide variety at different price pointsbut one thing is for sure, that you should be investing in a prime lens. Prime lenses are fixed length, meaning they dont have a zoom. The one lens that will give you the best ROI of any piece of photography equipment you can buy has to be the 50mm f/1.8 lens. Its also known as a normal lens because its the closest you can get to the perspective of the human eye.. I own a DSLR and a CSC as well as my phone camera. Ive a few lens for my DSLR, including the 50mm, but to be honest, I use the standard 18-55mm lens thatWhat camera do you have? Are there any you have your eyes on? This post has been featured in The Professional Bloggers Guide, an Weve been getting more questions lately on what photography gear we use, we figured its time to write about our Ultimate Camera Gear Guide for Bloggers.The 24-70 is the better lens, but both are great depending on your budget. The Best Camera blogs from thousands of top Camera blogs in our index using search and social metrics.Follow this blog to keep up with 100s of latest digital camera reviews, lens reviews, detailed specifications for over 1300 cameras, buying guide, comparisons and timeline. In this post the Australian travel photographer and blogger Stef Ferro will suggest you the best camera lenses for your next trip. For the last two years I have been tutoring a fortnightly travel photography workshop. If youre looking for the best camera for a makeup artist, youve probably wondered: How can I get clear shots to show my makeup work and create my portfolio?The common ground you will find if you go for either of these cameras i, you will need a good lens for this to work. ELPH 350 HS is rated as one of the best budget friendly camera unit for bloggers but you have to make some sacrifices for low light performance.It serves with 4K recording abilities and possesses Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T lens for development of outstanding videos. Even though the camera doesnt make the photographer, the lens can make the camera and careful consideration should be given for deciding which lens you should use. The best lenses for beginners depend on what the novice photographer will be shooting. Best cameras for blogging, Canon G7x and Canon 7D review, compact vs. SLR cameras. I know the Olympus Pen (the other compact camera super popular with bloggers) does have these, but the G7X doesnt have the option to change lenses. Best Camera and Lens for Jewelry Photography?Here is a list of inspirational and informative jewelry blogs to follow. Whether you are a designer, bench jeweler, retail gallery, or manufacturer, some of these bloggers will resonate with you. Best Canon Lenses. Best Nikon Lenses.The Olympus PEN EPL9 is an entry-level mirrorless camera available in three finishes and aimed at bloggers or social photographers wanting to upgrade from their smartphone photography. When it comes to macro photography, choosing the best lens is one of the biggest elements that will make a difference in the quality of your photography. While there are many advice guides and articles on the web about methods, tricks and tips, and other techniques for shooting macro photography Purchasing a security camera system can be a potentially tricky endeavor: intricate parts interact in these systems, making them extremely difficult to comprehend. The camera, accessories, DVR and monitor all affect the quality of the final recorded image. I was able to get the perfect camera kit for me by buying the body two lenses for a total of 1350. For blogging, Id be totally satisfied with just theHaving all the above is better, but there are a ton of bloggers that use iPhone only and if youve got a good eye for composition, know how to work with Today, I want to share a dummy guide to picking the best cameras and lenses for a fashion blog in 2017.Compact and multi-functional, this Sony Cybershot RX100 V is a point-and-shoot camera perfect for any serious fashion bloggers. So does a series blogger need to shell out a lot of cash to purchase a high-end camera? No. In fact, the best camera for blogging may already be sitting on your deskYou dont have to spend thousands on a camera and lenses for every situation. Best Compact Cameras Under 350. No cameras found.27th February 2017 399.00 The new Lumix DC-FZ82 replaces the 3 year-old FZ72 as Panasonics most affordable super-zoom camera, with only the 60x, 20-1200mm F2.8-5.

9 zoom lens remaining the same. What is the best camera and lens for fashion bloggers? Ive been a professional fashion blogger for 4 years, and heres the equipment I use.As a Professional Fashion Blogger I Get Paid 1250 Per Blog Post This Is the Camera and Lens I Use.