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Since I purchased my Dell computer in December the disc drive keeps opening by itself regardless of whether or not there is a CD in it. As soon as I switch on the computer it opens and reopens every time I close it. When i restrarted my computer (after the update), i was not longer able to open my CD-rom drive. It does still exist in my system. I can find it in my bios and in my device management, but it doesnt show any icons in "my computer", and i cant open it threw a folder I have a Gateway NE 522 Series laptop, and Im trying to open the disk thing but there isnt an eject button and nothing else is helping me. I looked on my control panel, but the only thing that was close to CD drives was something that said, "Play CD Automatically," but it proved not to be useful. It should eject automatically. As a next resort, restart your computer in Safe mode by restartingwait for the startup soundquickly hold down the SHIFT key and hold down the mouse button.What should i do when my CD drive wont open? If you are using a laptop, there should be a small And on this article ":D AUTOMATIC CD DRIVE OPENING CLOSING VIRUS :p". I was actually excited enough to leave a thought :-P I actually do have a few questions for you if you usually do not mind. Try manually loading the CD to see if the CD drive simply isnt working at all, or just isnt popping up automatically. To do so, open the My Computer icon on the PC, then click on the CD icon in the folder. I have to go into My Computer and then go to E: drive to make sure the computer read the disc. It always does read the disc, when I open the file that is labled Day Of Defeat ( E: ) it takes me to a screen with the option to setup Day Of Defeat. Just change U R drive the problem is with the drive. Insert the MP3-CD into the CD drive. In the window that automatically pops up select Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer. 2 Create a new folder on your desktop. You can send potential clients or friends a CD that contains a presentation that runs automatically when they put the CD in their CD-ROM drive.Put the CD back inside the drive.

The Viewer opens and you need to click Accept to accept the license. Hi, Everytime my computer switches on from OFF, or Stand by, or Hibernation, the CD Drive automatically opens up by itself. Sometimes, it can happen once every hour. 4. Open the Driver tab and click on Uninstall icon to remove the device driver entirely.2. Click Quick Scan to Solve my cd drive wont open problems instantly. 3.

Click Fix All to remove all computer error and speed up your PC automatically. Search Results for "how do i open my cd drive".CD-ROM, DVD, or other disc tray not opening - Compute Related Searches. open cd tray from keyboard. how to open dvd tray windows 10. Something introduced into Windows Vista and and is still there in Windows 7 and 8 was that if you dont have a disc in your CD or DVD drive and you click on the drive in Windows Explorer (or double click on it in Computer), Windows will very kindly open the drive tray for you to insert one. Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then press ENTER.To disable automatically running CD-ROMs, change the Autorun value to 0 (zero). Disc drive keeps opening up. Dvd drive opens automatically.CD tray not opening [Solved] (Solved). Dvd writter automatically open and close [Solved]. It keeps processing Them in Run1RunN order until it doesnt find one. Run1index.htm Run2. Moreover, you can open several programs, pages, with this method in one go. In either case : test your method beforehand, you dont actually have to burn a CD/DVD in order to do that : look here. For a while, my cd drive has been opening randomly and its really annoying. With, or with out a cd in it. Heres a few details about my com: windows xp, 40gb hard drive, 1 cd/rw drive, agpx8 video card slot, Gigabyte GA-7VT600 mother board. Device Drivers. CD Drive. Open-Close. Facebook. Twitter.Alternatively, register and become a site sponsor/subscriber and ads will be disabled automatically. I have to open this from My Computer to run CD. This was working perfectly until I recently installed Norton Internet Security 2006.Starting Outlook automatically tries to activate floppy drive. DB:3.12:Cd Problems! f7. I cannot get my CD drive to open automatically when I put a CD inalso will not let me open any of my pictures on any of my CDs. When I place a program disk in my CD-ROM drive my KDE device notifier plasmoid (which you can add), gives me an option to view the CD using, open in konqueror, or etc etc etc if that is NOT working automatically then either your install went bad, or you tried to use some OLD how-to to mount and 3. Open the Hardware tab, click Device Manager. 4. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, right-click the CD and DVD device, and then select Uninstall. 5. Reboot your PC. All the drivers will be automatically reinstalled after restart. Q: CD/DVD drive opens automatically. I am using Samsung NP-RV509-S05IN laptop and i am Windows 7 32 bit Home Basic Edition and my laptop is up to date. For past few days CD/DVD driver opens automatically. NIMUNUS wrote: > when nsert the compat disc into drive it doesnt open it automatically and > say there is no disc but when i click cd driver into my computer t works > > this is main problem and hope to the explain u > > "Theo" I want my computer to automatically play CDs/DVDs and run software CD installs when I put the CD/DVD in the drive atm it seems I always have to manually locate and open the drive etc Your CD/DVD/Blueray etc. drive wont open. There might be even something stuck in there.The mac may have a keyboard button to open the cd drive. Also on some Linux versions the hardware button is not working, you have to use software then. When place in a CD or DVD, connect a USB Flash drive (memory stick or USB key or memory card) or insert a removable mobile hard disk, the AutoPlay does not working and does not open or show up as usual. Not only is automatic AutoPlay dialog option window is not activating, the Open AutoPlay Free download cd drive automatically opening Files at Software Informer.Remove duplicates and remove duplicate files with automatic duplicate file remover. Find, delete and remove duplicate music, photos, pictures and documents. anyway right click on it and click delete both. once deleted, open the "device manager".Once you are in the device manager, delete the DVD/CD Rom drives.Your computer should automatically re-install your dvd drivers and everything should work. What do you mean by "open"? The tray, or the data? If its recognised as a valid disc, go via the filesystem (e.g. as rick advises) - My documents, My computer, command-prompt.Otherwise double click on the CD drive in my computer. No, its a game CD (Riven). It worked fine yesterday and I could install some games (sierras minigolf and pinball, etc), but its just not working today, I dont know why. Could it be because yesterday, the virtual CD drive matched the physical cd drive? How to automatically assign a drive letter by using the Diskpart.exe command on VISTA based computer 2014-02-10.This HD was recognized as E: drive, as expected. The only other drives are C: and D: (the CD drawer). 3.Save the file and the change should be noticeable immediately, eject button is not working anymore and automatically ejecting of cd/dvd drive problem is not present anymore. This technology allows programs and menu interfaces, that are distributed on CDs and DVDs, to be opened automatically when the disc is inserted in the computers drive.

But sometimes, in some computers, nothing happens when an AutoRun CD or DVD is inserted in the drive. 1. My sardu is opening automatically if SARDU CD in CD drive. I want to wait 30 sec to open menu . If I press any key then open or open my existing OS. Is it possible ? please help me. If you have a CD or DVD drive that will not physically open then you can still get your disk out. You just need a paper clip or a small tip screw driver and where can I download cd drive for acer aspire 5720-4126 for free? how do i open the cd / dvd parrt on the mac ???Why does my laptop say my cd drive is empty when it isnt? Is there any open source php dating software? Have you ever needed to open your CD or DVD drive (generally referred to as your "optical drive") but couldnt? Just your luck, your favorite movie, video game, or music was probably stuck inside. If your cd does not open automatically then you can open it through my computer. Simply go to the start menu, choose my computer or computer for Windows Vista. When my computer appears you will see all drives on your computer. If you insert a CD or DVD, it should be automatically detected and will appear as a removable media drive in the nautilus file browser, otherwise it will be hidden. You can confirm that the CD drive is recognised by running the following command in a terminal and looking for your CD drive in the results Even the original DVDs from Apple (Leopard, iWorks08 iLife08) which have only been used once, are ejected automatically!My DVD/CD Drive worked just fine until I did the security update.So here you all go. 1. Open Disk Utilites 2. Click on your Hard drive partition "Macintosh (or what ever you I would like to enter a CD-rom I burn containing word documents to automatically open a specific word file the next time I place the disk in my CD-ROM drive. How can I make this happen. What do I have to do so that when I insert a disk the autorun opens the drive programme?Unless youve modified the default to "Take No Action", Autoplay should start automatically. You can check the AutoPlay status on the drive with Tweak-UI powertoy for XP. SolvedHow do I open the CD/DVD drive Model PSCBWE-0D000NEN. solution. toshiba satellite b 55 has no way to open cd/dvd player i cant find it at all HELP solution. SolvedCD/DVD Drive makes noises, cant use RDP or shut down laptop solution. You will need access to a computer with a CD drive to follow the steps below.Complete installation process. Open SWMM6. Note: SWMM7 should automatically read license file from USB drive. Your computer will automatically detect the receiver.Jul 26, 2011 | Dell Dimension 3000 PC Desktop. 1 Answer. I have a gateway touch screen and I cant open my cd drive what do I do? The computer "thinks" there is no cd/dvd drive installed. I have used this drive before, quite recently actually. 2. When I say I manually opened the drive, Imy online prescence is shown sometimes automatically even though i have switched to offline status --how does this happen? read more. When your victim starts and uses Windows, one of his/her CD/DVD drives will continue to open in irregular intervals.inf file that will run a CD automatically when inserted into the CD drive just by including the generated file on the CD rom when you burn it. You can also use a Windows 98 Startup diskette to access most CD-ROM drives, even ifFrom the Start menu, select Run. In the "Open:" field, enterIf this line is not in the config.sys file, then you must install the drivers, and the installation program should insert those necessary lines automatically.