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How to interpret this birth-chart: (Example No. 1): 1st house or Lagna is occupied by Aquarius (11th sign) and is vacant.Remember, Venus does not oppose Moon. It is the Moon who is the enemy of Venus (see Moon in 7th house sign result). If you have the Moon in the 6th house, you are considerate of fellow workers and desire to nurture them in a productive work environment.Birth Chart Interpretations: Planets in Houses. Moon in 12th house consider as one of the worst position in vedic astrology, this conjunction really bad for life stability.I have rahu and moon in 6th house in birthchart.lord of 6th house is moon in birth chart.should i wear gomed- jinu. 7th lord form ascendant/Moon placed in a dual sign and having conjunction with Venus in birth and navmansha chart indicates two marriages.Lord of 7th house placed in 6th/8th/12th house and malefic planet like Saturn/Mars /Rahu occupying 7 th house and a weak Venus conjoined with a psychic powers and power to foretell the future, this is why a good astrologer can have such position in D1 or D9 chart.12.Moon in the 12th house- This position gives birth to very talented writers, healers, and spiritual personalities, the moon here gives permanent settlement into foreign lands, far 8th and 12th houses. First when doing a astrology chart I always look at retrograde planets .

most especially carefully I look at the moon and south node in a birth chart to begin to configure and put together a picture of what this soul has been doing on its journey through incarnation after incarnation The moon in the houses of your birth chart.look deeper into your personal astrology.Moon in 6th House. 7th house Leo- moon sign, 11th house Leo- mars sign, 11th house Gemini- Mid-heaven 10h house Jupiter - Sagittarius 4th house Uranus- Capricorn 5th house Neptune- Capricorn 5 th house Ascendant- Virgo 1st house VenusOk, now lets get started with the analysis of your birth chart. This person can be very materialistic if the rest of the birth chart is so inclined.MOON IN 4TH HOUSE: The Moon works well and powerfully from this house, and there can be a very vital urge to create a home and a family. And Now How to Find this New Moon in Your Chart. First, you will need a copy of your birth chart (you can get one for free on, for which you will need aBut if you look at your chart, youll see the two wavy lines (the Aquarius symbol) at the start of the 6th house, and it says 16 degrees. One simple ingredient for a strong birth chart is to have planets well-placed in the angles of the chart, the kendra houses 1, 4, 7 and 10.Moon in 6th and Mercury in 11th from lagna. Gives one financial independence and command of wealth. Mithuna Rashi Gemini Moon sign.In the dasha of strong, well placed and well aspected 5th House Lord, the native enjoys birth of son, love-affairs, gains through speculations and social contacts, promotions, good rank, favour from superiors. Koch Houses. Chart Positions: Moon in Capricorn in the 5th House Sun in Pisces in the 6th House .qsbirth chart.cmd 2012 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI. You will find on these pages astrological charts of thousands of celebrities with the Moon in the 6th House.

Taylor Swift Display her detailed horoscope and birth chart. You can get a free birthchart reading here or here and use the coordinates for a natal birth chartMental foundations and condition are also found in the 4th house. One may say that the parents with theFemales are ruled by the moon in your chart and the moon is the natural ruler of the fourth In the Aries lagna chart of this young man the birth of is of Krishna Pratipada which is the first day after Full Moon.Here in this case Moon moves into the 8th house in Bhava Chalit if we take the equal house system. Its house placement offers clues to what gives you a sense of well being. Harrys Moon is in Libra in the 4th house.These are called squares and oppositions because of their relationship on the birth chart wheel. A square is three houses apart, and an opposition is directly opposite on the wheel. Moon placed in twelfth house is an extremely sensitive placement and will need cautious study .We should always see this placement in context of Moons relationship ,if any, with other planets in the birth chart. Dear friends, many of us do not know more than Sun sign and Moon sign in Astrology , you must know something about birth chart, which isLook at Saturn, Saturn is placed in 12 number sign which is Pieces Sign but if we look at house, this is 6th house, so Saturn is placed in 6th house in pieces sign. Birth chart The First House. Micheles Quick Easy Guide to Astrology Houses. The 12th House in astrology. Unleashing the Power of the Fifth House.The time in the birth time field will be used to calculate the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. The birth chart also called as the natal chart or the astrology chart is a pictorial representation of the position of the luminaries Sun, Moon and the other planets.The 6th and the 12th houses are found to be quite malefic for the individual. His Birth Details: 23rd March 304 BC, 02:27:25am, Patna, India (Source: Nikhils research). Birth or Rashi or D-1 Chart: Jupiter and Saturn in 1st house in Aquarius Asc Venus in 2nd house, Sun, mars and mercury in 3rd house, Rahu and Moon in 4th house (Ketu in 10 th house). Chiron in the Birth Chart (Pt. 2: Houses 4, 5, 6). Chiron in association with 5 th House, Leo or Sun: Doll in Grey Crew Neck Shirt by anonymous artist.If Chiron is evolved in the Fourth House, in Cancer, or in contact with Moon, a profound caring born out of pity already exists on a soul level 6th house.Goto Horoscope. Birth Natal Chart. March 21 to April 20 - Aries sign description and personality.Daily horoscope and free astrology report - the configuration of the planets, the sun, and the moon in the sky at a particular moment. The placement of the Moon in your birth chart can determine a lot about the way you handle your emotions.This is an extremely creative house, and the house of romance and love affairs. 6th House represents health and service. Sun opposite Moon in the birth chart. Born under a full Moon.Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel.Sun In The Sixth House of Astrology Birth Chart (sun in the 6th house)KRSchannel - Learn Astrology. Moon in 7th House. This aspect is found in romantic and marital relationships.You need to save a birth profile in order to do the birth charts and horoscopes. It is important to know your exact date AND time of birth otherwise some of the aspects will be incorrect. People with the moon in the 9th house in their birth chart, long to travel and be on the road, seeing and experiencing new things, so much so that you are easily bored with your surroundings. But changing your location only serves to make you more frustrated. Virgo Moon, Moon in the 6th House Lifting Struggles, Healing Moods. Synastry Inter-Aspect Series: MOON VENUS Compatibility.Love in the Birth Chart: The Moon Through the Houses. Your free natal chart shows you the precise and accurate location of the planets, moon and sun at the time of your birth, based on your placeSun Virgo 704 10th House. Moon Aries 1908 6th House. Mercury Libra 353 11 th House. Venus Leo 148 9th House. Mars Sagittarius 1741 2nd House. This is done by studying the concerned house in birth chart along with relevant divisional chart. Each astrological text enumerates number of divisional charts.For example If moon, Jupiter, mercury and venus are present in 6th, 7th and 8 th house with strength in D-108 chart like If the planet Venus is located in any house of a natives birth chart and also possess a combination with evil planet then it can cause the death of his wife.My lagan is makar, and My 7th house positin is - Sun , Venus, and Mars are cunjucted. In 10 th house - Moon, 4th House -Jupiter, 11th house Your 4th house Moon with the key phrase: Attachment to the home , means that, you were profoundly influenced by the emotional atmosphere as a child, and you were very sensitive to parental moods, especially your mothers. For example, if any planet in a birth chart is at 4o of Aries, it will be in the Taurus slice of the 9 sections, and that planet will be placed in Taurus inIf the Moon is in the 3rd or 8th house in the D8, ones mother or a significant female might die, and similarly with the Sun for the father or important Want to know what the house location for your Moon in the Lunar Return Chart may mean?You may find that things come easily to you when you just let yourself loose.

6th House This should be a time where youre a busy bee with lots of work to get done. Its also how you handle small animals (the 12th house is large animals). Everything you find in this house represents your health and work ethic. Our 6th house is defined by the sign cusping, and any planets that may fall in this house in your natal chart. Moon in 6th House. This house is affected by the Mercury and Ketu.Alms and Charity. Digging of wells or providing drinking water facilities for public is strictly prohibited for those with Moon in 6th house of the birth chart. The Moon in the 6th house does not indicate chronic depression, but there will definitely be some days per month when the native will feel low.In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Kreayshawn (Rapper) Natal Chart. Sun in Libra 200 in the 6th House Moon in Leo 819 in the 5th House Mercury in Libra 138 in the 6th House Venus in Scorpio 1435 in theSaturn in the 10th House: Tests and struggles for career goals, may take public reputation seriously, authority struggles. Moon plays a very significant role in DA chart. I know the birth time is seldom accurate which results in inaccurate date of starting of dashas.3. Rahu in 6th house from its Natal PositionBad. 4. Moon in Gemini with Mars and aspected by SaturnBad. 7. MOON in 7th HOUSE in a Birth Chart — Astrology.Shani-Chandra (Saturn and Moon) creating a VISHYUTI or VISHYOGA in Birth Chart. If you have Moon in the 7th house of birth chart, then watch this video to understand the effect of such placement. Contact- for 70-80 of how a person think can be judged by the sign and house placement of the moon in the birth chart.6th and 8th house placements are not considered very good houses for the Moon to be in. If a person is born at the night time, it adds to the strength of that. Suppose, for example, that the Ascendant (the first house cusp) in a chart is at the 15th degree in Libra, and that Jupiter was positioned at the 13thThe house in which the Moon is placed at birth is the sector that feelings and emotions will be most apparent. Its here you react unconsciously, and as Free HoroscopeGet Free Birth Chart Analysis. Daily Horoscope Todays forecast. Monthly HoroscopeMonth wise forecast.Moon in 6th House. so in this context we can say jupiter is in 6th house etc. hope you understood the concept.The moon chart is made by rotating your birth chart so that the sign where your moon is placed (Moonsign) is made the first house. The natives born with Moon in 6th house would be very much flexible and understanding at work with the colleagues and would give all their possible help for them but their sweet attitude only could become a reason of annoyance for some other people.Birth chart Houses. Yantras. Moon in the 6th House. You have an emotional need to be useful, to work productively, to be organized and on top of things, and to lead a healthy life. If these matters are chaotic in your life, its a symptom of emotional unrest. Your birth chart, or horoscope, is usually shown in the form of a wheel, symbolising the cycles periodically undergone by all living things on this planet.The cusps of the houses in your chart are indicated between the rims on the outer part of the wheel, with the degree in bold type, followed by the Vedhas of Moon Moon is an auspicious planet and give beneficial results when placed in ascendant, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th or the 11th house.Planets placed in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 9th or 12th house in birth-chart causes Vedha to Mercury.