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The div will be created inside the success code: <.2- In you JS function, select the target div and insert code in it You would be wiser to place the markup in its own .html file, and asynchronously read the contents of that file with an XMLHttpRequest (XHR).

.How do I insert multiple checkbox data into MySQL - 16 replies. Send the name of a file to a .js file - 2 replies. Post Data from Html file to file - 1 reply. What I am looking for is a JS function to load a html into a
tag.But I guess you would have problems if you tried to insert and entire HTML file ( and all) into an already complete HTML document?! How do I insert a picture into javascript object? How do I add images in HTML? Will JavaScript kill Java? How can I insert an image on a PHP file?You can insert a n image to html div via javascript as follow. I need to set up a script that will read an array of text and then put it into a spanThe javascript would be like this: var noteArray new Array( ["note 1"],["note 2"The HTML:
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. script type"text/javascript"> <.You are not restricted to be maintaining identical code in multiple HTML files. The script tag provides a mechanism to allow you to store JavaScript in an external file and then include it into your HTML files. The .load("file.txt") is much easier. Which works but even if testing, you wont get results from aYou can use jQuery load method to get the contents and insert into an element. Try this